Vegas Here We Come!

Hello lovely ladies! I am over the moon excited to be starting my own planning thread, after many, many false starts at this planning thing.  We only just yesterday night decided on our plans, so the sheer excitement of it all has definitely not worn off yet.  

Just a fair warning, this thread is for a vow renewal, so it's going to be missing some of the pretty details such as choosing attendants and favours and chocolate fountains.  But I hope it is still fun and informative, none the less.  Why we have chosen to do a vow renewal is a long story, so you may want to grab a cuppa and a comfortable chair once I get started writing!

I actually need to get some work done, but everyone loves (another) ring pic so I'll leave you with this



  • Just a little background on us (or maybe a lot).  We met on in spring of 2012.  We were (still are) workaholics, and would never have met if not for the internet. We also don't hail from the same area and never crossed paths in school, work, etc., so def would never have met. We had both recently divorced from our alcoholic ex's, his divorce wasn't quite final (but had been dragging on for over a year) and mine had been done for about a year and a half at that point. Although we both weren't into "playing games," and did want to be serious with someone, neither of us was entirely sold on the entire of marrying again.
    At some point, he must have changed his mind, as a proposal happened just under a year after we began dating! No one was more surprised than me.  
  • A random post: just heard back from the Little White Chapel where we are having our ceremony performed.  They rent dresses, but as I feared, have very few in my size.  So the rental option is out and I will need to be scheduling appointments at the bridal salons for certain.  I'm thinking a sample dress makes the most sense.  I do want to look nice for pictures, as that was probably my biggest regret from our original wedding (our 'tog was a joke), but I don't think it warrants spending £3000 on a dress either!
    I saw this one in a sample sale...kind of like it...looks "Vegas worthy" doesn't it??

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    Yay excited for your thread - that dress is a thing of beauty!
  • Your rings are amazing and that dress is gorgeous!
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    That dress! Wow! Love it can't wait to read more x 
  • I cant wait to see your journey!! 
    That dress is bloody phenomenal!! 
  • Thank you @CoffeeDogAddict , @SoontobeMrsJ and @MrsCToBee .  I was hesitant to start a planning thread because this isn't a real wedding and also because I have so few months left to plan!  I am grateful for your comments.
    So I have booked the chapel!  We have gone for the Crystal Chapel, which is smaller (and as we have no guests, I don't wish to feel like a couple of Tic Tacs in a shoebox).  I also think it was one of the prettier options.

    This was one of the only pics I could find, and it looks a bit dark, but ho hum.  I can't exactly visit in advance and get better pictures!  The pictures on the Little White Wedding Chapel site are nicer, but can't be downloaded/ saved.
  • We have added several fun options to our package, including a singing Elvis (because why would you NOT when you're in Vegas?) and pictures in front of the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign! The package includes limousine service to and from our hotel, which I'm actually a little bit excited over.  I've never been in one before.
    Our package also includes a bouquet of roses for me (I upgraded it to the largest option as I love flowers), a buttonhole for him, a DVD of the ceremony, a photo package, the officiant, and ceremony music (recorded obv not live).  The base package was around £595 ish as I recall, and then you can choose to add things on.  The base package was so reasonable IMO that I didn't hesitate on the add-on's!

    To compare, our original plans were for a marquee on our property with a small party of close family and friends.  My (erroneous) thought was that it would be cheaper and/or easier than a lot of other options as we already have plenty of land so no venue fee, right?  So very, very wrong.  When you factor in the costs for the tent, tables, chairs, linens, flatware, portable generators, lighting, coolers, bar, portable heaters, loos, etc., you are thousands and thousands out of pocket before you've even looked at a dress or flowers. And that's also without food and drink, which (short of the roof overhead) is in my opinion, the most important part of the day.  Your guests come to see you and wish you well, yes, but a wedding/reception is a PARTY and it's your responsibility to make sure your guests are well fed.  Well fed and comfortable.  The ceremony is all about you, but I think the "party" part of the day needs to largely be about your guests.  So to do this well, we would be looking at a much larger budget than I wanted to spend for a vow renewal.  It wasn't just the money either that ruled it out for me; we both work a TON and unless we hired a coordinator, pulling this together was never going to happen.
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    In the event you aren't familiar with the sign, this is her:

    I can see us having great fun hamming it up in front of this!
  • that sounds fantastic!! I cant lie i had a little google of the Crystal Chapel and it looks so lovely! It sounds like you're going to have an amazing time, and you're so right when  you add it all up its an insane amount of money, so why not go for something you really want! 
    I (not so secretly) always wanted to get married in Vegas, i actually told my FH it was the only way he'd get me down the aisle but alas he won that battle... 
  • Aw boo, too bad @CoffeeDogAddict , I'm sure you both would have loved a Vegas wedding.  I have done the big white wedding, so I guess I can say I have done that (and so has he) so this is something different.  

    I thought about the pros and cons of doing this soooo many times. One con was no one will be there; then again, am I being a total cow to admit there are people whose company I really didn't want there?  My mum and dad are the most important people in the world to me, and they were already there when we said our original vows.  I have little other family and friends, and my OH has a large family that he's not at all close to.  So are we really missing out on this front?  Not really.
    I won't have things like "getting ready" pictures with attendants, but my 'tog last time missed all of that anyway.  I won't have favours, but people usually leave those behind anyway (unless it's a biscuit) and that seems to me an unnecessary cost.  I'll miss my dogs, they are my children. But we sort of made a mistake on our original wedding by choosing a venue that was pet friendly - and that's about all they were good for.  I want to keep this thread as positive as possible, so I'm trying to avoid bringing up unfortunate circumstances from our original wedding, but in all honesty, it's things like a crummy venue that have made this renewal more important to me than it probably would be to others.
  • Just wanted to add that I have three dress appointments set for Dec 27th and Dec 28th (one after work on the 27th, two on my day off on the 28th).  I have never really had a proper dress-trying experience.  I am going alone.  I'm hoping to find something sparkly, preferably with a slim skirt and a not-revealing bodice.  Am I the only one that thinks that the tops on a lot of wedding dresses are really risque the past couple of years?  I'm not a prude by any means, but I really don't want to give the illusion that I'm looking to show off cleavage or sideboob.
    Some of dress inspo from Pinterest:

    This one would need a little more coverage at top.

  • Interestingly enough, the venue does allow for us to choose a colour scheme - but just one colour! In all fairness, they clearly need to keep things as simple as possible.  Despite the overwhelming popularity and at the risk of looking completely cliche`, I chose pink.  The fact is, it's been my favourite colour for as long as I can remember, so no other single colour would make me as happy.  They will be designing my bouquet (and the buttonhole) with this in mind.  I'm hoping nearer to the day to be able to send them some of my inspo pics to hopefully gently nudge them in the direction of the styles I like.  They specifically said they work mainly in roses, which again I realise is mainstream, but I'm hoping for at least a few others blooms tucked in, especially if I offer to pay extra.  I'm just fearing one of those really tight, globe-resembling balls of the flowers.
    Anyway, here are a few pink bouquets I found online that I liked:

    I like them with a little texture, but not overly loose and wild :)
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    Those dresses are amazing!!  especially love the last one.  Your plans sound really exciting, look forward to reading more.
  • @Kelly224 thank you!  We are very excited.  I love that dress too.  I think it's from a very high-end designer from back in 2014, so likely I won't find that exact one, but hopefully something similar.  

    I'm so anxious to get going to dress-buying. I kind of feel like it's holding up "everything".  I saw a terrific shoe sale yesterday and would love to get buying on those, but can't until I'm certain about the style of my dress.  It's killing me not to buy shoes and accessories with all of the great sales around right now due to the holidays.  There are the after-holiday sales too, I suppose, but I afraid that the sales will be over, or they won't have my size or the style I like, etc.  And then's there the chance I may not find my dress is this first go.  Ah silly wedding-related problems...

  • Possibly one of the best parts of having our 'do in Vegas is the built in holiday!  I've booked us to see several shows and events and am so excited! We holiday very, very infrequently, and the few trips we have taken together were not great.  This one should make up for it!

    So far, we have tickets to see The Mob Museum ( as we are obsessed with the topic of organized crime (and my OH is retired law enforcement); the Rack Pack is Back ( because I love that kind of music; and Tony and Tina's wedding (because why wouldn't we go to an incredibly stereotypical, tacky comedy improv wedding whilst in town for our own vow renewal??)  I've actually been to Vegas twice before, and either the shows I wanted to see weren't running or the person I was with didn't want to see them.  This is finally my big chance! 

    So on Friday, we'll be having this guy singing at our ceremony:

    (No, we look nothing like this couple, and I would strangle my OH if he wore that suit.  I also have no intention of dressing like a flapper.)

    And we'll have this guy singing to us on Thursday night:

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    Aww we went to Vegas last year for my hubbys birthday and reading all your plans makes me want to go back so badly!! 
  • What a great birthday that must have been @MrsPope2018 !  My OH goes once a year for a tradeshow, and I went along once, but it was ALL work and no play.  We were exhausted and literally went straight to bed every night.  I also went once with my ex over ten years ago, but we really didn't do much but sit in the casinos.  We saw a Cirq show, but it was creepy...

    This time is going to be so different.  We are planning to do all of the things we have always wanted to do.  

    I realized that in addition to getting a dress for the ceremony, I will be needing a few dresses for the shows we are attending - whoop! Any excuse to buy a pretty new dress.  And of course they will need to be sparkly :)  I'll have to go some snooping online and post the ideas I find.  
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    I have to be honest it's never been somewhere I was that bothered about going, but my OH really wanted to go so I booked it as a surprise for his 30th. I ended up having the best time ever! I would def go back again. We only managed to do one show but got to do a helicopter ride over the grand canyon. We also did the mob museum which was really good. 
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    I loved the mob museum! We started in the basement bar and worked our way up as you can take drinks around with you. We went to a Vegas wedding in Sept it was fab, we went on the rides at the Stratosphere after and then a meal there x
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    Oh I love all of your plans so far! Your dress and flower inspirations are beautiful. You sound like you’re pretty set on what you think you want for a dress so I hope you find something perfect! I often wonder if going alone would have made it easier for me - I found the opinions and expectation overwhelming at times. 

    I think it’s wonderful that you are doing something so unique and “eloping” for your vow renewal and not worrying about all of the cookie cutter aspects that didn’t work for you on your original wedding. Hopefully you’ll look back and feel you’ve had the best of both worlds and experiences doing things at opposite ends of the spectrum! This sounds like it’ll be a super fun and hopefully stress free trip though! I’d quite fancy doing the zip lining thing in my wedding get up! Have you decided on where to stay and where you’ll celebrate afterwards (with a dinner or something?)
  • @MrsPope2018  the Mob Museum is probably the part I'm looking forward to most.  I'm pretty obsessed with learning about organised crime.  I'm the odd duck that's always wanted to watch documentaries on the Five Families in NY whilst other girls were watching the bake off.  @MrsGtoB , I have to ask: did you actually go on those rides at the top of the Stratosphere???  I thought myself a pretty brave gal just mustering the courage to look out the windows!!  You have my unending admiration if you did.

    @Ashley72  thank you so much for the kind words.  We had such an indescribably tough time with our "original" traditional wedding, I feel we really deserve and need this.  We also have had such an incredibly hard go of life in general since getting together, that what we really just need is 1., a BREAK from it all, and 2. a nice way to reaffirm our commitments to this "thing", to remember to stay strong, and to hope and prayer for an easier time ahead.  A large part of me laments not having tables of people to wine and dine, under a clear-top marquee on our lawn with dogs and kids running everywhere amongst the beautiful floral decorations - but that's similar to what we tried for last time and it was such an epic fail, I don't think I could spend the time and money to chance being that heartbroken again by the outcome.  This is going to be all about us, and only us, this time :)

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    @KittyFiennes I went on one and I think this picture sums up how I felt about it. I'm obviously the one in blue 😂
    I'm glad I did though even though I hated every second! Was very cool that the room we had dinner in you could see people bungee jumping past.

    You should go on them in your wedding dress would make some great photos 😝

    Ps will delete photo later to free up your thread x
  • Fortunately for me, the holiday season means shoppes full of pretty, sparkly dresses! I'm excited to also be buying a couple of new party dresses for the nights we are going to shows and going out.  I know I could probably wear "whatever", like something from my closet, but I think part of the fun of this 'do is the chance to be a little OTT.  I'm not much of an over-the-top person normally, so I think Vegas will be a chance to have a little overstated fun with my look as well. (Even my dress for our original wedding was extremely understated - and a David' Bridal mess to top it off.)  The brief is (again) something sparkly and a little sexy, but not too revealing.  About the only advantage to being flat-chested is that you can wear things without being too concerned about undergarments!
    I'm not quite sure why all of the pictures I've saved decided to save the back view of these dresses, but you'll get the point.  I'm going to have a nosey at the stock they may have leftover from the holidays when I shop for my dress next week.

    The pics aren't that good, but will have to do. I'm hoping for something with straps/ halter; I cannot stand wearing strapless dresses.  No matter how I have them altered, they feel like they're falling down all night :/
  • I have always been a huge Kate Spade fan.  In fact, the first designer bag I ever owned was one of hers.  I bloody loved that little black purse.  I was devastated to hear of her suicide earlier this year.  You might know that in addition to accessories, she has a fragrance line.  I've never been much for wearing perfume as I am a migraine sufferer and a ridiculous number of scents trigger my migraine.  I am doubly pleased to say I will be wearing her "In Full Bloom" fragrance for my ceremony as I am in LOVE with the scent and it has not caused me any problems.  I think it would be a nice little ongoing tribute to make this my "signature" fragrance,  discovered this year, the year of such a terrible loss for her family and co-workers.

    Sometimes we can't do much, but we can do something...
  • I've been loving reading your thread! It sounds so much fun and it's nice to hear of someone else having no guests at their ceremony. The last bridal dress is amazing, so beautiful and sparkly x 
  • Loving reading your thread, if you get the chance to venture out of Vegas - check out Valley of Fire State Park, such a pretty state park! Worth a visit. As for the Stratosphere, we did both the rides and the Skyjump. The Skyjump was amazing, the rides terrified me and there may have been some not very friendly words coming out our mouths! We also really enjoyed ziplining on Fremont Street and enjoying the cheaper prices / happy hours in the casinos there!

    We got married with just the two of us in Arizona - I do have a wedding report thread if you wanted to nosy  :smile:

    Love your plans so far!
  • @Desert-bride  I will def have a nosey at your report!  I can't believe you did the Stratosphere rides and skyjump!  I was proud of myself for just standing inside on the top floor - not too close to the windows of course  :D !  I'm such a chicken. 
    @MrsCarnegie2be I started reading your planning thread last week or so.  I do hope you'll keep going as it sounds like you have similar ideals about your day as we do - low key, relaxed, and centered around just the two of you.  I LOVE that dress too.  It's from Allure.  I managed to print the FB picture out and will be taking it to my dress trying appointment next week.
    I can't believe I'm going next week to properly try dresses on.  This is kind of pathetic, but I've been married twice before and the only dress-trying experiences I've had were absolute nightmares at David's Bridal.  I won't bang on about it again, as I already have on other posts enquiring about the DB experience and I want to keep this thread as positive as possible, but I am so excited to have a different kind of experience.  
  • I will definitely continue with my thread, but I don't have much to add at the moment. I have never done the full try on bridal dresses either, I'm not sure it's really me. I am so looking forward to reading more of your thread xx
  • Just a small update: tomorrow is my first appointment for trying on dresses.  I was actually pretty nervous about it last week, but now I have an alternate plan, so I'm feeling better.  
    Whilst I know I can wear any kind of dress I want to, the sensible part of me knows very well that this is a vow renewal and this is Vegas.  This means I'm ruling out certain styles, and most definitely certain prices!  We already had a wedding and this is not it.  That being said, if I don't find something suitable, I've found two dresses from BHLDN that I think meet the brief, if all else fails.  I don't really want to make an important purchase like this online, sight unseen, but if nothing else works out, they appear to have a reasonable return policy!
    These are the two dresses:

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