Another bridesmaid moan!!!

so i met with one of my bridesmaids and anytime I mentioned the wedding she would quickly answer then go back to talking about her boyfriend!!! It’s all she ever talks about!!! 
I feel like I rushed in asking her and that we aren’t on the same wave length, she is 23 and I am 27, we have know each other approx 4 years. I sometimes get the impression that I feel the relationship is closer than what she thinks. She constantly wants to go out and party all the time!! Help! Advice needed


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    In the nicest possible way I’m not too sure what the problem is? I don’t think age is an issue, maybe she feels like you talk about the Wedding a lot and so feels like she wants to contribute something to the conversation and as she isn’t engaged, her BF is the closest thing? I wouldn’t worry about her wanting to go out and party, there’s nothing wrong with that and you don’t need to join her. 

    I wouldn’t worry too much at this point, I’ve heard far worse on this forum regarding Bridesmaids unless I’m completely missing the point here? Apologies if I am.

  • I have to agree with the above, I don't see a huge issue here. People generally aren't as interested in our weddings as we are, and they will tend to only get excited in the very last bit of the run up. It doesn't mean they're not supportive or don't care, it's just not something a lot of people can get as excited about. Your bridesmaids aren't really an exception, they have their own lives too and maybe don't want to be talking wedding details every time you meet up? All I expected of my bridesmaids was to get ready with me on the morning of and be there for me on the day. Maybe take this opportunity to do something non-wedding related with her and have a break from it yourself, enjoy the time where the w-word isn't used! Find something fun to do, ask her about other things in her life aside from her boyfriend. As for her wanting to party, you don't have to go with her, I'm sure she would be happy to have a drink or coffee with you alongside her partying habits. I would try and cut her a bit of slack. Good luck!
  • Is the problem that you want to discuss wedding plans with her/have her opinion on things and she’s “not that interested?”
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