70 weeks to go!!

Now you are all probably looking at this title and thinking, get a life haha. But can't hide it. In just 3 days I'll be able to say we are getting married next year. Judging by how fast time has gone since we got engaged I think our wedding is massively fast approaching.. Anyone else feel or felt the same leading up to theres?
Would love to hear from you all 💜😃


  • I'm exactly the same!!! My wedding is in 68 weeks and I am so so excited! Honestly don't care if people think it's too far away, I'm super excited and constantly want to organise wedding-y things. How much planning have you done? I'm running out of things already XD
  • @GlitterQueen I know it will fly by for us! So far we have church and venue booked, photographer, dress deposit paid, and dj also booked. So the big bulk stuff is all done 😃 also finalised our guest list =) what about you?? 
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    @Bridetobe2020 Same as you to be honest, I've done so much and time really is going to fly by!!! Venue is booked and half paid for already, dress booked and fully paid for, registrar, bridesmaid's dresses, photographer, videographer, insurance (can never be too careful), transport and hair and make up :D My venue has an amazing package deal which includes florist, cake, DJ, catering, drinks, lighting, dancefloor (I've got a sparkly one yaaaay), bridal suite and limited guest accommodation so technically that's all done too it's just choosing what I want! 

    Not too sure what else there is to do other than finalising the details/guestlist- ooh and the invitations which I am really stuck on :/ Which venue have you chosen :smiley: ? Also what do you plan on doing with invitations? There are so many great ideas out there but none of them seem to feel quite right? I'm thinking of sending my Save the Dates out early/mid next year so people have plenty of time to plan :)
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    It will fly by! Good luck with the rest of your planning. I get married on Friday and can't believe it's nearly time x
  • @GlitterQueen amazing you've got so much sorted 😊❤️ our wedding venue is called the cliff Hotel and spa! It's in a little village called gwbert in West Wales. And it's right on the coast with views to die for. About 5 mins from where I live and grew up. But having a church ceremony first. We can officially say we are getting married next year! Eeeeshk!! 
    @MrsGtoB oh my god you are literally days away! Have the most wonderful wedding day. Xxx
  • @Bridetobe2020 Aaaah so exciting! It feels so surreal to finally say it's next year, imagine what we're going to be like on New Years 2020!!! I just googled your venue and it is STUNNING! The pictures are going to be beautiful! I'm getting married at Hedsor House in Buckinghamshire- every time I see their Instagram I get all excited :blush:

    @MrsGtoB It's tomorrow!!! I hope you have a brilliant day, remember to get plenty of sleep and to eat something in the morning :)
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    I booked my wedding 2 1/2 years ahead, and now we are down to 8 months and I have no clue where the time went! Happy planning ladies!
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