Nut allergy and wedding cake dilemma - 5 weeks to go!

So.. we have just been let down!
Our wedding is in just over 5 weeks and my h2b has a severe nut allergy and now my budget has gone from 0 (gift) to 200 at a push
I can't seem to find many bakers or anywhere that cater to nut allergies, at short notice, in budget, close to us (Staffordshire) can anyone offer any suggestions?
I'm not fussy myself - edible, to feed about 55-60 guests around £200
Also.. my oven is broken and won't get fixed for another week - i have exams, a toddler and hurt my back so unless i HAVE to i do not want the stress of baking it myself!

So far my ideas have been...

1. Patisserie Valerie - they do create your own gateaux style cakes, sponge/cream/fruit filled with chocolate and such and you can have them inscripted (no nuts in recipe but almonds on deco options so cross contamination warning) his argument is they don't look like wedding cakes and their 'wedding cakes' are too expensive

2. 1 main cake from M&S/Waitrose for us to cut and majority of guests, flowers to decorate and a seperate nut free cake for him to eat and stress to the servers to use seperate knives and not to offer his cake to any others (it will be served with evening fish and chip cones)
his argument - cross contamination, he doesnt want to eat a different cake/wants to eat THE wedding cake

3. Naked style cake at around 200 - potentially ok for allergies, would go over budget with flowers on the top of cake costing
argument - when its cut up, and pieces don't have flowers/berries on do they look a bit.. ugly? (semi buttercreamed edged?)

3. cupcakes and a cutting cake (cutting cake potentially one he can eat) cupcakes hopefully we can source from somewhere?
argument - he doesnt like this look.. cake he can eat is like a nut free birthday cake that would look silly and would need to buy a seperate cake stand too

4. stack something else - like doughnuts/scones/profiteroles etc. and he sucks it up if he cant eat them?!



  • Ashley72Ashley72 Posts: 1,137 New bride
    I’ll be honest - several of your options sound ideal to me. Plenty of people don’t have a proper wedding cake and loads of people say they didn’t even get to eat a piece at their own wedding, so is it really worth the stress and expense?! If he really really wants the whole cake to be something he can safely have a piece of, I’d task him with finding an alternative he is happy with and is affordable. I don’t mean to sound harsh or unsympathetic as I appreciate his allergy is serious and must be difficult to manage at times but you sound like you have enough on your plate and I’d have thought the separate cakes / cupcakes type options would be lovely and would keep costs to a minimum. If he isn’t happy with any of the options you’ve come up with then the ball would be going firmly in his court. For what it’s worth I can’t remember eating cake at any evening receptions and I can’t remember what many looked like either!
  • thanks so much for your reply! i honestly haven't had a single piece of wedding cake at any wedding i've ever been to either! didn't even see it being cut at the most recent one.. i just left the tabs open and said that is it - there are the prices and options, i am having a cup of tea you choose! haha
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