Photographers with no recent social media presence?

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So I'm probably being a bit picky but I just wondered what everyone's thoughts were on this situation. 

We booked our photographers back in June 2018 after meeting them at a fair, they seem really lovely and bubbly and we booked shortly after. I hadn't done a bunch of research as it was really early into the planning and I didn't know what I do now. 

I did have my heart set on some other photographers but they were literally double the budget.

Anyway we saw some of their work on their website and in albums they had at the fair, but since then they haven't posted any new work, or anything at all, on any social media or their website. Not a peep at all, except there's one review from someone in September saying their engagement shoot went well.

I know they're probably busy but I see so many photographers putting stuff out there on social media it really makes me wonder why they haven't at all. 

We haven't spoken at all since we confirmed the deposit and booked but we haven't had a need to. 
Am I just being overly fussy? It's just hard to get excited about them when I've seen all their material so many times now. I'm tempted to all about an engagement shoot but I didn't really want one and money is tight.


  • Why not get in touch with them to set up a "planning" meeting?  That won't cost you anything.  You can ask to see samples of more recent work, review your list of required shots (which you should definitely have, trust me, it's not as obvious as you would think), and go over photography-related venue concerns (i.e where you want your group photos and when, lighting concerns, weather concerns, etc).  There is actually enough to talk about to ensure that you get what you want without having to "make up" an agenda.

    I would agree that most 'togs utilize social media heavily to promote their work and radio silence on that front would concern me too.  It's hard to say if the lack of presence is because they are super busy or because they are having business problems - who knows?  I've watched a lot of wedding vendors online over the years, and I've noticed that the ones that aren't terribly busy will sometimes have full-on blogs, lengthy posts/articles with dozens of pictures, full references to all the vendors that worked the wedding, and so on.  But even that isn't an indication of their skill or lack thereof, or an indication of their business acumen.  Some of the very large and successful 'togs have these fancy blogs too - it's that they have help putting them together.  Another possibility: (although I'm doubting this is the case with your 'tog,) A lot of the more old-school ones don't do much on social media, which again, is no indication of how successful or talented they are.

    I would worry too much until you have your meeting.  From there, you'll know whether to be concerned or not.
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    Were they very active before? I agree contact them and see how responsive they are.  Or maybe try and contact a previous bride and ask for an honest review?
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    Mine isn't big on social media - except for landscape shots which are obviously his true love! He's an older guy who works mainly on reputation. The website has some lovely weddings on it but he posts very few weddings on his social media. I'm not worried, he has good reviews.
  • I don’t think ours is very active on social media either, and doesn’t update a blog regularly. He seems to work mainly on recommendations  - when we met he did say actually that he needs to get better at the marketing and online ‘presence’ side of things as it had slipped lately, but I just got the impression it wasn’t the side of things he was particularly interested in and wasn’t hugely necessary as the work was coming in anyway. I found him through google but it turns out he was the photographer at a family wedding I’d been to, and when I contacted them they raved about him so that’s enough for me. 

    I think kitty’s idea is a really good one. 
  • Thank you for all the advice! I think i will try and get up a meeting, i dont know anything about how much time they think they need for portraits post ceremony and stuff so we will at least have stuff to run through, i hadn't even thought of it before!

    They had some presence before, but i guess all i saw was lost of posts, and didnt pay any notice of the time between them until now! Definitely my fault there. 

    Thanks for all being so helpful and putting my mind at ease <3
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