Eyebrow nightmare

CharleahCharleah Posts: 250 New bride
So I had my eyebrows threaded a week ago like I always do but it was a different woman to normal and she absolutely butchered my eyebrows, made them way too thin and changed the shape. My wedding is in just under 4 weeks and Iā€™m panicking. Has anyone experienced this before and how long did their eyebrows take to grow back? I had a really nice thick shape going on and now they look awful šŸ˜­ should I maybe see an eyebrow consultant and ask them how to reshape them? So stressed about this cause eyebrows are so important! 


  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,454 New bride
    Mine grow so fast, within 2 weeks mine would have fully regrown. 4 weeks is plenty of time, don't panicl
  • GinAndBlingGinAndBling Posts: 1,257 New bride
    Try putting coconut oil on them too!
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  • CharleahCharleah Posts: 250 New bride
    Thank you ladies...coconut oil has been purchased!!! 
  • Revitalash is meant to be amazing and can be used on brows. 
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    As GinAndBling said, I sweeaarr by coconut oil! Before bed, rub a load into them, then smother another layer on them just for good measure! I'm sure they'll be back to their lovely selves by the wedding! (I'd be having a word with your eyebrow place though! If they're trained they shouldn't be butchering people like that!!) 
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    Off to Holland and Barrett today to buy out their entire store šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ thanks!! 
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