Wedding planning mobile app

Hi everyone,

Me and my boyfriend attended a lot of weddings and we know how difficult it is to organise a wedding.So what started as a project to help our friends, quickly developed into WeddingBuddy.

WeddingBuddy mobile app helps you organise your guests, tables, appointments, expenses, to do list and it can even export your guests info and table arrangements.

We know how frustrating it is to have to share your information with big companies. We're frustrated about that too so we developed WeddingBuddy to keep all your information on your phone. Your guests are as safe as your pockets :smile:  

There are two versions of the application WeddingBuddy and WeddingBuddy Premium, both applications are available on AppStore and PlayStore.

Bellow you can find a short demo on how to import guests form your contacts, arrange them to tables and how to export the list.

We want to help others now so we kindly ask for your opinion. What useful features you think we could add to WeddingBuddy?

 I’m eager to receive your feedback.

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