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Hello everyone =) hope you are all having a lovely Sunday afternoon! Just want some advice. I've ordered our save the dates. Personalised with our photo of the 2 of us on the front. From simply to impress. An online website I really recommend. Anyway. How do save the dates work for people who are only invited to the evening reception? Do we need to specify its only evening? Or just leave it as it is with the date? Thank you in advance 😊 xx


  • Hi :smile: I don't think I'd bother sending save the dates for evening only guests (that said, we didn't bother with save the dates at all). But I'd probably just leave it closer to the time and send out evening only invites. Realistically, your evening guests won't need to 'save the date', just save the evening which shouldn't be too much of a problem. Plus, it doesn't affect your all day guests which is where the bulk of your expense is and what your venue needs to know sooner rather than later.
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 758 New bride
    I agree with above, we only sent save the dates to our day guests. And we only sent those because our wedding was a Friday so wanted to make sure people had enough time to book off work etc.
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,454 New bride
    I only sent them to day guests too.
  • We only sent them to day guests too. 
  • cs2thecoxcs2thecox Posts: 257 New bride
    I mostly sent them to all-day guests only.
    2 of my part-timers wanted them, but I was able to discuss with them in advance that they were only invited to part of the day (we're not doing it the conventional way round - we have afternoon-only guests and all-day guests - no-one misses the actual wedding!) before I gave them the actual save the date cards.
    None of the other part-timers have been sent them.
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