Timings on the actual day HELP

Hi not sure if I’m stressing over nothing (do that a lot ☹️) but really starting to panic that timings are not going to be right on the day and I’m going to either be rushing or end up ready too early?!?!?
any advice please xx
We are getting married at 3pm and need to be there approx 20-30 mins early so say 2.30pm - so far so good 😉
I’m having my make up and hair done at the make up ladies house (about 20-25 mins away from me) she thinks 1 & 1/2 hours will be ok to do make up & hair (is that long enough??) - this has been slotted in for 11am so I’m ready to leave there at about 12.30 to drop my car off at home and get lift to wedding dress place where they are helping me into my dress.  They suggested 1pm but I’m going straight from there to the registry office which will only take about 15mins so is over an hour too long to just get into my dress and will my make up etc still be ok ?? I don’t want to feel rushed and I want to enjoy all of it but worrying that if starting to get ready so early will everything hair/make up/dress be ok for the actual wedding at 3pm and photos after 🤔🤔🤔 
sorry for the long post but if anyone can help/ advise would really appreciate xx
thanks very much 😊😊


  • Have you had a hair and makeup trial?
    I think it's worth doing to see how long things last, which should give you some comfort.

    Given the amount of hairspray my stylist used, and the amount of stuff on my face, my trial look lasted plenty long enough.
  • Thanks xx probably just stressing ☹️ Just seems early to start getting ready at 11am when wedding not til 3pm 😳
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