Planning? What Planning?

SlySly Posts: 36 New bride
Is anyone as disorganised as we are? It's a second marriage for both of us and to be honest, I don't much like weddings!!! 😂 Despite provisionally booking a church last summer, we couldn't agree on a venue and the one I grudgingly agreed to have is now under new management. Luckily we didnt put a deposit down as I had a feeling something was in the wind plus my fiance was due a knee op and his work shifts looked like they may change meaning half our guests wouldn't be able to attend.  So we decided a couple of weeks ago to have the whole day in a local hotel. Great because our beloved dog can now attend. Yay. Luckily for us it is a small day ceremony with just 19 people, including us and two young kids and it's a Friday, so easily accommodated. No fuss or tradition for us, just a high tea mid afternoon and a larger evening party. We made the invites ourselves, apart from my bouquet, I am doing the kids flowers myself along with  table decs, candy table etc... however, whilst my fiance  and the kids (who are pretend bridesmaids really but have to have sparkly dresses right? 😁) have their outfits sorted, courtsey of jacamo, marks and sparks and h&m, I have no dress or shoes, no-one organised to do my hair and make up and I am rubbish at both, oh and no cake yet!!! 🤔 we are not having a photographer either as they just get in the way and irritate guests who are keen  to get going on the main event and the photos end up in the drawer after a while, so as we have a great camera ourselves and we and our guests will be happier, we opted to ditch the expense and take lots of our own informal ones. Lots to do perhaps... the wedding is 10th may this year, yep, seriously 😁 luckily there are some absolutely lovely wedding dresses or dresses suitable for bridal wear on the high street now if you look carefully. I have 2 choices at home and 3 more arriving today as I vowed never to set foot in a bridal shop after a foul experience as a flouncy bridesmaid many years ago. Despite all this, I work best under pressure and although it sounds rubbish, I am confident it will all work out on the day and look pretty good, as did my first wedding, well, if you discount the subsequent divorce 🤣 seriously, all people want is a good party and to be fed, I found that out the first time around. I think we can be this laid back however as we are a small party in the day and they are close family only, we have been strict on that. I guess if we had a larger do there could be people there who don't know us as well and would expect more? It's our day though so we should feel relaxed. 🤞
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