This is probably a long shot but I thought I'd try my luck. We're getting married on 17th April (2019) in South East London and we're looking for a videographer. We weren't initially going to have one as it never really crossed our minds, however as we're getting closer to the day we've realised it would be so lovely to have our special day captured on film. Problem is as we weren't going to have a videographer we didn't budget for one. We're having a budget wedding and the budget is already stretched... 

So, any aspiring/student videographers wanting to build their portfolio? We can't offer much in terms of money, but would cover travel costs and provide a meal on the day, and we'd also of course be happy for any footage to be used for marketing purposes. It's going to be a multi-cultural wedding (Turkish/Norwegian/British) so lots of different traditions will be incorporated and it will definitely be a bit of a different one! 

Please get in touch if interested!! 
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