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  • You do not have to have a chief bridesmaid at all! I originally didn't have one out of my 5 but that was due to possible tension as family were involved but even my mum said it's personal preference if you want to have one have one if not you don't. It's silly that we think we have to conform to this - at the end of it all it's your special day! You do want you want to :) Give them all something to do that plays to their strengths e.g. if one is creative get them to help with the flowers or invites, if one is super organised get them to help you keep track of everything.

    Good luck and remember at the end of the day do what you want and what makes you happy as they are all their for you and to help you make your day special!
  • I have 2 adult and 2 child bridesmaids and haven't named a maid of honour/chief bridesmaid/whatever.
    I mean, my fiance has 3 best men because he couldn't pick a single one above the others.
    Whatever works for you - no need to conform.
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    I don't have a chief bridesmaid, they are both the same - but I also won't be setting them jobs to do, it's up to me and my fiance to plan and arrange the wedding IMO. Their only job is to arrange the hen do.
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    I don’t have a chief bridesmaids I just have my four close friends and also they will have no jobs to do either! Just have a fantastic day with us and share Our special memories. The wedding is mine and my fiancé’s job! Although on the group chat when I post pics of colours and things i’ll ask what one do you girls prefer? For their opinions xx
  • I’m thinking of delegating jobs as I’ve applied for my masters degree and hope to do a PHD afterwards.
    If I can get help with anything it’s going to take a huge load off. My degree with the kids has been hard enough.

    Maybe I should hold off? 😂

    Also one of my friends has offered to take classes to help cut costs..cake making, floristry lol. She’s very into it which is fab

    thank you for everyone’s replies xx
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