Wedding invitation additional information

We’re currently writing the additional information sheet to accompany our invitations. Has anyone seen a template for this online?
Don’t want to forget any crucial information and would be helpful to see some wording examples too 


  • MrsD2019MrsD2019 Posts: 15 New bride
    So far we’ve got the following headings:
    Location (including a map)
    Getting to the venue (car/parking, train, bus, taxi)
    Accessibility (for disabled guests)
    Dress code
    Wedding list
    Website and email address 

    Have I missed anything obvious??

  • Think you've got more than everything covered!

    I'm surprised to see Dress Code on there. I received an invite the other week which specified the dress code and it just confused me more than anything else haha :') Can I be cheeky and ask what you're specifying for dress code?
  • MrsD2019MrsD2019 Posts: 15 New bride
    Thanks for your reply.
    For the dress code bit we’ve said what the colour scheme is and put a nicely worded sentence about possibly avoiding outfits in these colours.
    We put that bit in as I went to 2 weddings in a navy dress last year where the bridesmaids were also in navy and if I’d have known what the colour scheme was I’d have worn a different dress so I didn’t look like one of the wedding party - so we said we’d be helpful and put that in for ours 😀

    One of our friends specified hats to be worn for the ladies - we’ve chosen not to be that prescriptive 
  • Ahh, okay that's fair enough :)
    The dress code I received didn't state colours so was basically just telling adults how to dress for a wedding which I found a little condescending, as if adults don't know what types of clothes are/aren't acceptable as wedding guest attire. 
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