Recommendations for a harpist

I’m getting married on the 21st July, outside Dumfries, and I’m keen to have a harpist at the wedding- to play between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a harpist- either in Dumfries and Galloway or central belt area- that I could contact?
Thank you!


  • I don't have any for that area but I've just booked a harpist for my wedding. I asked the venue co-ordinator about harpists that had played at the venue before and contacted them. I also did a quick google search for 'wedding harpist in...' and the general area then looked them up on Facebook/Youtube so I could listen/watch some of their work :) It's always nice to read some honest Facebook reviews too as they can't be made up unlike some of the things people post on websites.
    Sorry I couldn't be any more help! xx
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