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Hi all,

I'm looking for some help and advice because, the more our wedding is being planned, the more it's going to look different to what I had envisioned! I'd originally wanted H2B and the groomsmen in grey suits and the bridesmaids in a pastel shade, with lots of relaxed greenery and white flowers for the bouquets/buttonholes and venue decorations – a very neutral and white theme!

After trying on suits of different colours, grey was the least favourite so we've opted for navy suits, and we've discussed possibly a different colour waistcoat (not sure what) with tie and pocket square to match. The bridesmaids have tried on lots of different dresses, with them looking the nicest and feeling most comfortable in a lavender-grey dress. 

I've seen pictures on Pinterest and Google of groomsmen in navy suits alongside bridesmaids in a similar colour dress to what we've settled on, so I'm confident that those colours go together. The colours are just bolder, and I'm wondering whether it's still possible for me to have the neutral wedding that I'd set my heart on. Are there any colours that will complement the outfits and tie everything together to achieve this?

Please feel free to throw some ideas at me, as I can't seem to find anything online that's helping.



  • You could still throw lots of white flowers and greenery into the mix as they go with pretty much everything. That said, I don't see what's wrong with the splashes of colour :) They don't have to be in/on absolutely everything you have, just subtle touches of colour.

    I went to a wedding that had navy suits and then lavender and a sage/mint green colour as complements and it looked really nice. Similar to below...

    Those colours work really well flower wise as well.
  • Navy blue will go with pastel colours; baby/blush pink, mint green, baby blue, lilac or cream. 

    You mentioned that the bridesmaids will be wearing lavender/grey; could the men's waistcoats, tie and/or handkerchief be in this shade?

    Grey may be the least favourite, but how about silver grey instead?  There are lots of pastel and neutral colours to choose from to form your colour scheme.
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