DIY decor set up and timings

As the username suggests I'm completely clueless when it comes to planning a wedding and I'm wondering how to fit everything in on the day! We've hired a venue dressing company for chair covers and an aisle runner and a florist to do table centrepieces, so that side of things is sorted but I'm not sure what happens with everything else.

We have a theme loosely based around travel and have a few crafty bits I've made to put out. I'll also have favours for the tables, a guest book, some signs to show guests where to go as our ceremony and meal are in different rooms and I'm planning to get some map print bunting for the top table. We're also hoping to get some jars of sweets to make a sweet table as we can't justify the costs charged by companies. The problem is there is a wedding at our venue the day before so we'll have to wait for them to take all their stuff before we can go in. I'm assuming this will be at around 10.30 - 11am and our wedding is at 2pm.

The paperwork from the venue says they will put out place cards but we're responsible for everything else. How am I supposed to find time to put everything out while the bridal party are having hair and makeup done? Is this something a venue dresser usually does or does the venue usually help?

Thanks for reading my rambling questions!


  • Hi,
    It's something a venue dresser would do if you were paying them to set up everything (not just the stuff they're providing) so it might be worth asking the company providing your chair covers/aisle runner how much they'd charge to set up the rest of your decorations? 

    Failing that, maybe assign the task to a few family members/friends that aren't in the bridal party or getting the groom and co to do it. It's not something you want to stress about having to do yourself on the morning of. If all else fails, you could get your bridal party to take it in turns to go down and set stuff up? Depending on how many you're having they won't necessary be having hair and makeup done at the same time.

    Hope that helps!
  • Yes that helps thanks, I was considering asking the venue dresser to do it but I wasn't sure if they'd set up stuff I'd bought when they're hiring out similar stuff for a lot more money!
  • Ahhh, that’s a good point. Maybe just say you were gifted them from a friend who recently got married if it comes up? Nobody could argue with that haha. 😊
  • I had an email today from the venue basically saying the dresser I hired is a nightmare and they and many other venues don't allow them on site! I did some detective work and they do have terrible reviews.

    I've now found another company that have some reviews where people have said she helped them put out their own stuff so I might just ask anyway, she can only say no! 

    Is it just me or does the wedding industry seem full of scammers and dodgy companies?
  • It’s terrible, isn’t it?! There’s so many people out there just to take your money and not do much (if anything) to earn it. 

    I’ve hands down relied on reviews for pretty much every wedding decision I’ve made. Goes to show how important it is to do your research. 

    Are you giving up on the original dresser and going for the new one then? If so, definitely worth asking if they’ll put your stuff out too 😊
  • I'm definitely not going with the original now I've found bad reviews. I've emailed loads of others requesting quotes but so far only one has replied. 

    This is another problem I seem to be having, no-one replies! I sent out emails to loads of hair and makeup people weeks ago and about 3 replied!
  • Ahh, I know what you mean about people not replying! Then very occasionally you get the complete opposite where some suppliers bombard you with emails and/or phone calls trying to get you to book.

    I sometimes find a lack of response as a good sign - can often mean they're pretty busy and haven't made time. Also possible emails have gone into their junk folder.

    As much as I absolutely hate it, I've found calling suppliers can be quite helpful if they're unresponsive via email.
  • Hey, 
    Thought I would chip in here, I've not done much in the way of planning decorations yet but I'm surprised your venue won't help out with dressing the room. All the venues we were interested in said they would dress the room for us as long as we provided everything in clearly labelled boxes and recommended doing an example  table and taking a picture for them to follow.
    Maybe you could do something like that and then task it to the groom's party, or the mums? I'm lucky that our venue will do all the work for us but I'm definitely gonna have Future MIL check over what they have done and make sure it all looks right.
    Let us know what you decide to do!
  • I did think it was odd that it categorically states that they won't help! I'm going to ask them if they'll at least put the favours on the tables with the place names. The florist will put the centrepieces out I assume so at least the tables will be done.

    Both my mum and my MIL have said they don't want to have their hair done by a hairdresser now because they're worried they won't like it so I might have to designate some jobs to them! 
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