Blushing Bride subscription box

Hi all,

Not sure if you've heard about the Blushing Bride box (I hadn't until an ad popped up on Instagram) - it's basically a monthly subscription box for brides-to-be filled with lovely treats for either the hen do, wedding day or honeymoon essentials. 

I've just received my first box and loved it so wanted to spread the love with you all. It's £19.99 a month plus £3 delivery (they do offers if you sign up for 3/6 months though). I was genuinely intrigued and thought I'd get one box, not be that impressed and cancel but I' was so pleased with what was in :)

To give you an idea of the kinda stuff you get, here's what I got in my box:

- A sample of biodegradable confetti
- 'Love is in the air' table fun cards (each has a wedding word to describe Articulate style, a wedding-related trivia question and a question about the happy couple)
- A lucky sixpence
- Tissues saying 'For tears of joy & laughter. Happily ever after'
- A Mr & Mrs book with lovely little quotes and marriage advice
- A 'Sweet dreams' eye mask
- Silver 'Mr' and 'Mrs' hanging chair signs

If you're interested and want £5 off your first box, you can use promo code JESSICAN :kissing_heart: - check them out at They do also have an online shop if you just want to buy a few bits without the commitment of subscribing.

I promise I'm in no way affiliated - if in any doubt you can see I'm very much a real bride with a planning thread who posts/comments on here quite a lot (perhaps far too much... :lol: ) Just wanted to share how happy I was with my little delivery on Thursday!! 

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