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Hi, please can someone give me some advise. I am looking at having a free bar on the wedding day and evening which is 100 people in the day and 120 in the evening. Is £5,000 going to cover it?


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    £40 each, that's about 6-8 drinks each depending on bar prices. Sounds reasonable to me.
  • That sounds in the right ballpark to me. We're working on 1.5 bottles of wine per person for the drinks reception and dinner, a double brandy/port for all who want one after dinner and an additional 4 drinks or so per person after dinner. (across 3pm to midnight). That's worked out at c£47 per person with decent wine and spirits. We've got some non-drinkers and some big drinkers so we're hoping that will balance out about right....

    One decision we did make was to choose quality over choice. We decided to offer one really delicous sparkling wine, a favourite gin, one brandy etc rather than offer people free run at the bar. I don't think this will reduce costs in the end but it does make them much more predictable!
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    We spent less than £3,000 for 64 guests from drinks reception at 3.30pm, to the reception ending at midnight, so I think your budget sounds adequate.  

    Does your venue have reasonable drink prices or will they allow you to BYOB anything?
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