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How much information do florists need?

Hi all,

I'm at early stages of planning - we've got our venue and caterer and so one of the next things is to find a florist. The problem is I don't really know what I want! I think I want lots of greenery (partly in the hope that it will save some money...) but then some flowers and I don't really know what types/colours other than I want quite a soft look (not modern/spiky). I'll need a floral/greenery element for centrepieces (probably 10-12), pew ends for the ceremony (actually chairs - we're hoping to do the ceremony outside so if the weather is OK we shouldn't need any more decoration), bouquets, buttonholes, flower girl wands and I think that's it. Is that enough information for a florist to quote and will they then be able to make suggestions or will they need more? It's a bit chicken and egg and I am confused!

And if anyone has any suggestions for a colour/colours to go with lots of greenery (not white/cream) please shout haha! I quite like mauve but it's a bit wintery for a June (2020) wedding. The room for the meal / backup for the ceremony is cream with touches of gold.

Thank you!


  • Do some instagramming of local florists first and find a style you like, I did this and met with someone who I was pretty sure would get me with very little actual information. She really guided me through the process and gave me some great suggestions. Having an idea of bridesmaids colours etc might be helpful in planning your colour palette but they will be able to help with suggestions if you’re really not sure what you’d like. The florist I am using had a portfolio of previous work so she could show me actual pictures of the sort of thing we were talking about which was really helpful. Good luck though, and if you happen to be near South Yorkshire let me know and I can let you know who I’m using, I’m too excited to see my flowers!
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