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Humanist in scotland

MrsC2B14MrsC2B14 Posts: 13 New bride
Hi everyone

wondering if anyone can recommend a humanist in Scotland/Lanarkshire area. 

Did you you meet your humanist before deciding or did you just pick from a website? 


  • We're using Claire Digance (clairethehumanist on Instagram), and we met with her before deciding to book her - we figured we'd really want to click with the person marrying us as it's such a huge thing and humanist ceremonies are so personal. She's really lovely and we got on with her immediately, due to start working on our ceremony with her fairly soon I think. We're getting married in Glasgow and she's local. Our friends used Gerrie Douglas Scott for their Ayr wedding, who was lovely and good with the crowd, but she did mix up their vows so they said the wrong ones, and she dropped their wedding rings on the floor too. It was a more lighthearted ceremony so it worked well for them and got a few laughs, but I don't know if I'd have been happy about it if it were me!
  • We had a gentle man named Stuart Rodgers he was fantastic and would recommend to anyone! Very kind and caring and really gets to know the people/person and it’s honestly like you have known him for ever! Good luck x
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 309 New bride
    If you look on the humanist society's website you can find a list of registered humanists -

    My friends used Gerrie and had no issues so it sounds like she was just having a bad day. Her and her partner Susan are both humanists, I met them recently at a wedding fair and they were both lovely to chat to. 
  • I wish humanist ceremonies were legally binding in England too!
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