Activity bags for older children

Hert3090Hert3090 Posts: 15 New bride
Hi there,

As always, this site is a wealth of information and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for activities that girls between the ages of 6 and 12 could do during the dinner?  One of them is 6 and two are 11-12, so a bit older.

Many thanks!


  • longhaullonghaul Posts: 22 New bride
    I have boys not girls but honestly they're not interested in activities - they either want video games or to physically run around with their friends (playing football or laser tag etc...)

    the best suggestion I could make is maybe a magazine? but it would have to correlate to their personal interests
  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride
    I've got a girl and boy coming who will be 9 and 7, so in the middle of yours.  I've put together some note pads, colouring books, pens and a crossword/wordsearch activity book to give them something to do. Along with some shaped rubbers for the girl and a toy car and helicopter for the boy. It might not all be used but that way, they have the choice! 
  • Hert3090Hert3090 Posts: 15 New bride
    thank you everyone! Great ideas. 
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