Getting married in November 2021

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Hi all,

I am new to this site so forgive me if i get anything wrong.

My and my fiancé of nearly 8 years have finally decided to set a date and we picked a venue, my dream venue! However its horribly expensive during the summer time I wanted so we went with November as its HALF PRICE for the same deal. We also have to do it on a Thursday as believe it or not Saturday is £2000 more expensive -_- .

I am super excited either way, just need to start booking things soon. However I am a tad worried about the time of year. We're getting married (hopefully) in a hotel right on the sea front, with beautiful gardens and sea views. I know the weather can be awful, but also that November can be quite nice too. Chilly but dry. Anyway, I am worried about photos and also seeing guests happy. Has anybody got any tips on November weddings? any words of advice? Thanks a lot!


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    I had a December wedding. Just assume it will be wet and windy. If you work from that assumption, you can't go wrong!

    For photos plan to do them inside and make sure you have a professional with appropriate lighting equipment. If it happens to be a warm sunny day it's easy enough to make the decision on the spot to go outside but be prepared for people to be wearing their coats in your photos. Also be aware that you might not get confetti or car photos if the weather is bad.

    I'm not sure why your guests would be unhappy with the arrangements so long as, as with any wedding, there is plenty of food and drink and not too much standing around. 
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    I've also been to a December wedding which happened to be though quite chilly and occasionally windy yet very sunny. Couple had their formal shoots outdoors which was done earlier in the day and worked well. I think you should be good with November date and a little bit of wind can add some beautiful movements into the photographs too.     
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