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Hi all, 

I'm not sure I'm allowed to advertise my services but I am a hair & make up artist based in the West Midlands. 

I just want some feedback from you brides, I'm fairly new and have been doing it since January, but I REALLY want to do hair and make up on a bride!!! Would you take it up if there was an offer even though the artist hasn't done a bride before?

My customers are mainly Asian-Indian at the moment, but I really want to to appeal to all customers...
What do you brides like to see before you book someone? 

What sort of price range do you pay for hair and make up? 

Thank you xx


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    I would never book someone who hadn't done bridal before sorry
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    I wouldn't mind using someone who hadn't done bridal before if I thought their work was amazing but would definitely insist on a trial (which I think in this case should be free) beforehand. 

    When looking for hair/makeup artists I was focused on a strong social media presence - Facebook/Instagram accounts mostly (don't really bother with Twitter) with regular posts showing hair/make-up you've done. I looked for someone who either did a variety of different looks and styles or someone who had a 'signature' style that I really liked. It's worth bearing in mind that bridal make-up can be very different to normal evening/going out make-up so I was looking for someone who didn't go too heavy on eye make-up and who's work looked great when photographed professionally as a good camera and lighting can potentially show up more flaws than an iPhone camera.

    I went for a trial and the woman had a professional camera and giant ring light so you could see how it would all look in professional wedding photos as well as in person. I found this really helpful as whilst I thought the eye makeup looked a little dark in person, it showed up really well in the professional pictures.

    Price wise, I'm getting married in Lancashire and am paying £85 for my hair and makeup and £60 for hair and makeup for each member of the bridal party. That was definitely at the lower end of some of the quotes I got but I think you'd need to go in a little lower than until you got more bridal experience.

    Hope that helps more than the comment above!
  • Yes I would, I don't think there's any difference between doing a bride's makeup to doing make up for a prom or whatever. It doesn't make someone a better make up artist just because they've done a bride before.

    The only thing I can think people might be concerned about is whether you've any experience with time management if you have multiple people on the wedding day.

    The one thing I'd really recommend is getting yourself a decent portfolio on social media. If you haven't done loads ask some of your friends and family to be guinea pigs. I chose my artist based on her Instagram pictures.

    I found it useful if they had pictures of more mature ladies too because I was also looking for mother of bride and groom makeup. I think it's more challenging doing makeup on older skin without ageing people so to me it's a sign of a good artist.

  • MissNdMissNd Posts: 122 New bride
    Thank you ladies, that is really good advice
    I hope a bridal comes my way soon! 
    I will definitely take your tips on board, its great to hear it from a brides point of view 
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    I'm not on any social media and never look at anyone who is. I look at your website only. I did have a make up trial but then decided to do my own. I look out for reviews and recommendations from other suppliers. 
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