Save The Date help!

I'm getting married 30th October in 2021.
Because lots of our friends are getting engaged and I know a few of the OH friends are proposing this summer I was thinking about sending save the dates out end of this year but is that too early? I'm a bit worried with so many of our friends getting engaged that someone would take our date so was thinking about getting in their first. What do you think?

Another question is my OH is inviting a lot of his old uni friends but as our ceremony room has 110 capacity we was going to.invite their partners to the evening (as we dont know any of them) as another couple part of this group have done this for this September. My question is on the save the dates should I put both their names or just the guys name? I'm worried if I put both their names they'd think here invited all day but then on the other hand if I put just one name they might think there not invited at all. Any advice? Also is it okay to invite partners you don't really know to just the evening?




  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 893 New bride
    It's never too early to send out save the dates. In my opinion, as soon as you have put down a deposit on a venue, you should start letting people know the date so they can pencil it in their diaries, even if it just by word. Then no one can accidentally double-book and anyone needing accommodation has plenty of time to budget and book.

    I'm afraid I've little advice on evening guests as we invited everyone for the whole thing, but I would say make it clear who is invited to what straight away so that there is no confusion or awkwardness later on.
  • CoffeeDogAddictCoffeeDogAddict Posts: 1,341 New bride
    I second OmRum, just get the word out asap! It saves an hassle or awkwardness later on and then at least no one can say they didnt realise! 

    Personally id either address the save the date for just the person with the full day invite, and maybe pop a note in how their partner can come to the evening, or just leave the note and send it to the person only, and if they ask you can mention its early days so are working on plus 1s but will let them know. No one has a right to a wedding invitation after all. 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,949 New bride
    I'd send save the dates, but only to very close family and friends - people you couldn't imagine the day without. People who we aren't as close to we didn't bother sending a STD to. Bear in mind alot can happen with your relationships in 2 years!
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 893 New bride
    That is a very good point, MrsC. It is possible that people you are close to now may disappear and you might make new friends who you wouldn't want to not invite because you've already filled the spaces! We only had two people we sent save the dates to and then changed our minds about, they being friend's partners who broke up with said friends. Fortunately, neither showed up on the day!

    We sent out save the dates just over a year before our wedding, and our invitations a few months before. We'd had a venues booked by about a month or two by that point. That worked out fine for us, but all our invitees were close family and friends we'd known for years, so it was very likely they would still be around a year later! We figured that a few wouldn't be able to come which gave us wriggle room for if we wanted to invite anyone else closer to the time, which in the end we didn't.
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