Informal, intimate back garden wedding in 3 months time.


I’ve just joined this site so apologies if this post is in the wrong place but I’m getting married in 3 months time (decided a few weeks ago) in my back garden (with 24 people present including my husband to be and my 2 children) and I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew! We’ve got a long but not very wide garden. We need a marquee which will realistically be 3m wide although 4m wide would be better, it’s  September (so it’ll probably be cold and or wet), we’re having a catered BBQ. I’ve now made a list of all the absolute necessary items (drinks, ice, toilet roll, kitchen roll, brush and shovel, flatware, cutlery, bins, bin bags, marquee, chairs, decor etc, etc etc) and it now feels like the stupidest, most stressful idea ever!

I have trawled through websites for days and I can’t find details of anything similar in the U.K., and all the non U.K. ones are much bigger than we are planning. If anyone has done or is planning something similar I’d be incredibly grateful to hear about it. I want this to be the happiest time of my life but it’s becoming horribly stressful.


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    My brother and his wife did a similar wedding but in a borrowed field rather than a garden and I was very involved in it - what do you need to know?

    The upshot though is that it by the time they had bought/hired everything they needed it cost more than my wedding in an actual venue will, and they did it to try to save money! So be careful :)

    I would speak to your caterer and see what they can provide in terms of cutlery, crockery etc. - failing that I'd buy disposable such as paper or bamboo. I would speak to an event hire company about chairs and tables etc.

    The thing my brother didn't realise is that the marquee they borrowed had no flooring, and they had no money left, so I ended up paying for marquee carpet the week before the wedding!

    Good luck.
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