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Hi all,

I'm getting married next June and I have no idea what to do in terms of wedding timeline. We want to get married around 3pm(ish) so that time is fine but then what? Like is a cocktail hour needed as we don't really drink, when do we go do photos, what time should we do offer dance, should we eat before or after dances, when to cut the cake.

Basically I need help on setting times for everything so I know what's happening and when. Examples of what I mean attached.

The ceremony and reception are a true same venue so don't need to add time for travel to different venues.
thanks in advance!



  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 469 New bride
    You need to do something for guests after ceremony, as that's when u go off for photos and they will all just be standing about otherwise. I was at a wedding recently and this stage lasted forever and I just wanted to go home, I felt so neglected! People usually offer canapes or some kind of light food early on, and depending on venue you could have some garden games or a selfie booth or something. Depends on the style of your day, numbers etc. I would prob have wedding sit down meal at 6, then evening guests (if any) arrive from 8, evening grub at 9.30? I had a small very informal wedding with no evening guests or disco, and we got married at 12 noon. You getting married so late could mean u go straight to evening meal, but do be aware that people will have been getting ready and travelling so may be hungry
  • We're only planning to do a buffet in the evening as it's a mid afternoon ceremony plus don't like the idea of a sit down meal! But will put an hour in for guests after ceremony. Thanks.
  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 469 New bride
    I didnt do first dance or cutting cake or anything, so cant advise. Can you speak to your venue about timings? They should be able to give you some advice. 
    If I was going to a 3pm wedding I would expect food before evening. The last one I was at was meant to start at 2.30 but started late, and they had meal at 5.30 I think. If they didnt people would have been starving, and very drunk!
  • Yeah but we're doing ceremony, photos then straight into the reception party so there will be a buffet there. We can't afford to do 2 different meals. 
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