Is it all worth it?

So we’ve booked our venue and it’s lovely and exactly what I was looking for (healey barn- Northumberland). Now that I’ve started looking into other things I keep finding myself thinking ‘is it worth it’. Everything is so much more expensive than I thought and I completely understand that it’s an amazing special day but do I really need everything that’s comes with a full day wedding or would I be happy with something more low key. Has anyone else felt like this after booking? 



  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 466 New bride
    It depends what you mean by 'everything that goes with it'. We had an amazing day but didn't have any bridesmaids, cars, fancy wedding cake, crazy expensive wedding dress etc. We spent the money on what was important to us- venue, rings, photographer. We didnt have a photobooth, a card box, a traditional guest book, a live band or even a disco. Its easy to get caught up in it and think oh i HAVE to have that. Ive been to loads of weddings and cant remember what the linen was like, or the table centrepieces, or their cake topper or whatever. I remember how happy they were and how much fun I had. Ask yourself will it really help make your day better, or is it just another background detail that will get forgotten and doesnt matter in the grand scheme of things. 
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    Agree with Samantha265! We also skipped the things we didn't care about - a fancy car, a wedding cake (we spent that money on a dessert buffet at the end of dinner instead), favours, expensive wedding dress, etc. It was still an amazing, amazing day filled with great company and lots of love and laughter. Being careful about where you spend your money doesn't mean you come across as cheap/boring. (Our wedding ended up being featured in Bride magazine) I think what really helps is if you sit down with your OH and decide on, say, 3 elements that are the most important to you/you are aiming for in the wedding (eg. if you had to describe your wedding in 3 words, what would they be?) Use those words as the guide - when in doubt about whether you should buy/hire something, ask if it fits any of the 3 words about your wedding. If it doesn't fit the word, you don't need it.

    For us, one of the things was "heartfelt" and another was "fun". That easily dispatched all the formal stuff that weddings traditionally have and introduced other elements (eg. long, rectangular tables instead of round ones so that guests have 5 people to talk to instead of 2).

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    To be honest I've went through the same 'is it worth it' thoughts several times since we booked our venue in mid-May.

    Initially I thought we could do it for under £7K but when we discussed what we wanted (city centre, Saturday, July, minimum effort) that blew the budget up straight away and I'm now estimating about £12K. It's a ridiculous amount of money to spend on one day but everything we've chosen so far is exactly what we want and there's nothing I would change. 
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