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Notice of Intent to Marry

Hi There, 

Just looking for some advice regarding the Notice of Intent to marry. We are in Newcastle, so anyone with local knowledge, I would be grateful. 

Do you get 'interviewed' together or separately?
What kind of questions do they ask?

Thanks again :)


  • It's a 20 minute interview - together but seperately first.  The just ask for your other halfs full name - DOB and your dads occupation.  The date of your marriage and the venue :)
  • CoffeeDogAddictCoffeeDogAddict Posts: 1,487 New bride
    I'm not local but from what i understand its a pretty standard process. 

    You go in together, give a few details and they explain how it'll work, then one of you leaves the room and the other stays for their interview. 

    You're asked to confirm your own details, name, date of birth, occupation, wedding venue and date, and then you have to just confirm the legal bits, that you aren't currently married, and previous names you have gone by. 

    You also need to have the relevant ID for this bit too. 

    Then you swap, the other person does the same and then you are both called back in, you sign a document saying all the information you gave given is true, and the registrar will run through what happens next, when you'll hear from them again and when a meeting should be arranged for and that's it! 

    We were in and out in 30 mins. 

  • Ah thats fab - thanks for your help. 
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