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Has anyone ever used/seen/received a wedding invitation from vistaprint (or similar website, e.g. zazzle, optimalprint, etc.)? Do they look OK or do they look like a fancy invite to a children's party? 

Even though it's still a year away, I've been looking at invitations just to get an idea of what I want. I think I've been spending too much time on pinterest as I was initially looking at beautiful pocketfold invites with information cards, ribbons and embellishments but these were coming in at about £5-6 per invite for something that's ultimately just going to get chucked in the bin!

I've found a few styles that I like on vistaprint and zazzle that work out about £2-3 per invite but this is essentially just a printed card and an RSVP card. Totally reined myself back in! I think I'm just concerned that they'll look crap and not "wedding-y", if that makes sense. 


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    Ours were from Vistaprint, and several other people on this board bought from there too. Not sure why you would think they would look like a children's party invitation? They looked like wedding invitations, which is what they were. I didn't bother with RSVP cards, we gave people the option to RSVP by post or email and 90% emailed so they would have been a waste anyway.

    I personally think really 'homemade' or 'crafty' invites look childish but each to their own. Pocketfolds with hundreds of little cards are annoying, I just want all the info on one bit of card!

    People are going to read it for the relevant info and shove it in the bin when it's done with so I wouldn't get too hung up on it.
  • I’m planning on getting my stationary from vistaprint, but am going to get a sample of the invite first before ordering the main batch. I’m probably going to try get the sample over the next month so will report back!
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    I have seen Vistaprint ones and they've always been good quality! I also just got a sample pack (free) of and they're great quality too! 
    I'm in a similar boat, i wanted wax seals, vellum envelopes, all the works, but its a bit much when it will just go in the bin! 

    If you sign up to vistaprint every now and then they have 50% off sales and i found evening invites at 33p each! They just had one that ended but they have sales on quite a lot. 
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    Thanks ladies. I think I probably am over thinking it. It's too easy to get carried away!

    All the wedding invites I've ever received have always been fancy gatefold or pocketfold ones that look amazing so I think I was just worried they might look a bit plain. 

    I asked h2b for his thoughts and got the usual "whatever makes you happy" but he also admitted that he's binned every wedding invitation he's ever received. 

    Thanks @CoffeeDogAddict, I'd never heard of minted so I'll have a look at them too. 
  • I did my save the dates on Vistaprint and my table numbers (which we designed ourself) on Zazzle - both were amazing quality and are a fraction of the price of fancy invites! Honestly - no one cares about what your invite looks like apart from you so don't worry about it too much :)
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    @bohobride0719 I think you're absolutely right that no-one cares except for me. I think I need to keep that in mind with quite a lot of the wedding planning! :smile:
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    That doesnt mean you cant do things how you want though! It is a nice opportunity to relish the little things in life that you love! 
    I also want to give a little mention to Canva, it has loads of free templates for wedding invitations, which you could then have printed either via vistaprint or a small independent shop. 

    I have been looking at gatefold/pocketfold and they're not too bad to DIY if you can print at home, because you can get away with it being on thinner card as they're protected by the main pocketfold card. 
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