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How to choose a videographer?!

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Hi everyone, 

My fiancé and I have decided we would like to have a videographer in addition to a photographer but we are struggling to choose!

Did you go with the company who are doing your photography for ease etc? 
I am in two minds about this. The photographer/ videographers that offer both services have amazing deals when booking both services together but I am a little worried that should the worse happen and the company go bump or lose footage etc then we would have no imagery from the day. This wouldn't happen if we went with two separate companies, unless super unlucky! (I hope that makes sense!)

We have narrowed down the search from 8 to 4 and we are now struggling. We haven't spoken or met with any of them yet, all research has been on line through their website, Instagram and facebook so I don't know the personalities involved and whether we would get on. Before arranging any meetings I wanted to have a bit of a clearer top 3 in my mind. 

All of them are roughly the same price for the same amount of coverage and end product and we love the visuals of all of them, therefore for those that are having a videographer, what helped you to make your final decision? what questions should we be asking/ information/ elements to look out for that could help us decide? 

Many thanks everyone!



  • Make sure you ask about music licencing for online. This is a bigger deal than most let on and could mean you are not licenced to share your film online in any way shape or form. 

    This does mean you cannot have Ed Sheeran on your video. If you do then the chances are Facebook and YouTube will remove your video or you open yourself up for legal action. 

    Ask if they have backup equipment. Breakdowns are rare but if your day is that rare day how do they handle it?

    One or two videographers? Weddings 2 is a must. We can do it with one but you have to sacrifice so much to do it. 
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  • Speak to them and go with your gut, who do you feel more relaxed with and who do you trust.

    You will be in front of the camera so you want to feel relaxed and comfortable allowing you to be yourself and enjoy your day. 
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