Wording help!

Ive got myself in abit of a tizz over this  because I hate doing stuff like this!

So.....we booked a photographer, excellent portfolio, really happy with booking them and the price was around the same as the other 10-15 quotes I got from othe photographers. Jump forward a year nearly and we have just been to a friends wedding and the photographer was amazing, a few days later I remarked how stunning the pictures were and the bride revealed they were half the price of what ours is. Well were on a budget and could make some serious savings with this so got in contact with the photographer and booked them, saving myself £600! 

I now have the task of letting the other photographer know we no longer need them, and I dont know what to say or how to word it! Ita nothing personal on them or there work its purely we can just what we want but half the price with someone else!

Please guys any help with how I should word this? I dont want to offend or put my foot in it and its giving me seriously anxiety!



  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 458 New bride
    I would keep it short and simple.

    We have recently met with and booked a photographer and therefore will no longer be needing your services for our day. This was purely a financial decision only and I apologise for any inconvenience it may cause to you. 
    Wishing you all the very best in the future. 

    If you have signed a contract and/or paid a deposit though i would be reading contract v carefully. I can't imagine they will let you cancel without penalty. 
  • Just be honest and let them know sooner rather than later. As mentioned just check your contract.
  • if your worried about any awkwardness by being honest, who could always tell a little white lie and say a family member bought you this new photographer as a present, not realising you already booked one yourself? or like everyone else has said, just say its purely financial and while you really appreciate their work etc you just can't miss the opportunity to save this much? :smile:
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