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MrsC2B14MrsC2B14 Posts: 13 New bride
My wedding is booked for 3 May 2020. A Sunday but originally the bank holiday Sunday. We chose this date as it was £2,000 cheaper than a Friday or Saturday at our venue. Now the bank holiday has changed to Friday 8th May so our day is just a normal Sunday and we would never have wanted a Sunday. 

The venue has Friday 8th May available as does our band and photographer. But it’s £2,000 more expensive and we don’t get the cake, centrepieces or piper which is included in our current package. 

The o my Saturday they have is in February. It would be the same as our current package, price and cake & centerpieces and piper included. 

Should i keep it the same date?
move to the Friday bank holiday (moving 4 days)
move to the Saturday in February


  • MrsC2B14MrsC2B14 Posts: 13 New bride
    The only Saturday***
  • MrsRendall2BMrsRendall2B Posts: 749 New bride
    I don't see the need to change it - if people want to be there, they will make it. And I'd be quite happy about it becoming a 4 day weekend, if it were me! :smile:

    But, if you were to change it, I'd probably change it to the Saturday in February - just from a price point of view. If you think, you'd be paying an extra £2000 for the Friday in May plus hundreds for centrepieces, hundreds for a cake and however much for a piper - that's a lot of extra expense which is unnecessary. 

    Ultimately, you have to do whatever you think will work best for you and your guests as you know them better than us but I certainly wouldn't bother switching to the Friday.
  • MrsC2B14MrsC2B14 Posts: 13 New bride

    I guess you’re right. The only thing is my step mum is a teacher plus a few other family members and know they would struggle for time off. So booking the Sunday but knowing they wouldn’t need to worry about work the next day was what made this Sunday so appealing. 

    Secretly i I would like to move the date forward as it’s been booked for 15 months already and seems to be taking forever to come round and I don’t particularly deal with the stress Wel. Would rather it was here sooner rather than later. 
  • MrsRendall2BMrsRendall2B Posts: 749 New bride
    Go for the Saturday in Feb then! If that's going to work out better for your step mum and speed proceedings up then why not? 

    If you make the decision now, you still have plenty of time to plan everything else without going into panic mode. 
  • Your guests will come whenever if they want to be there, if you feel happier with it being on a Saturday then just do it, it is your day :-)
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