Accommodation for bride

Lucy390Lucy390 Posts: 3 New bride
I'm getting married next year and have started to look into accommodation for the night before/night of the wedding. We don't stay local to the venue and don't have accommodation at the venue so we will need to book a local hotel (i.e. myself, mum and aunt - my fiance will be staying with family). 
There isn't much choice in the local area. The hotel I have in mind is also a wedding venue. I'm just wondering about the etiquette of me, a bride, staying there on the night before/night of my wedding if there is potentially another wedding there that day? Would that be really bad form? 


  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 469 New bride
    If the other bride hasn't booked exclusive use then that's the risk you take, so i wouldn't worry too much about it. You could check timings with venue perhaps, to make sure you aren't leaving/ arriving at the same time as another bride. That might be awkward for photos! 
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