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Wedding alone!

Hi  (: 

Me and my boyfriend really want a wedding with as few people as possible, ideally just his mum and dad, my mum and stepdad and my dad and his partner. The issue is I have a large family and it would upset a lot of them if they weren’t invited. 

My dream is to have our wedding alone with two witnesses, like his parents did, but that just isnt going to happen! 

Also, I don’t want anyone to give me away, me and my boyfriend just want to come to the ceremony together! 

I’m really stuck at this point!

any advice? (: x


  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 756 New bride
    Advice on what? Just do what you want, its your day and you are entitled to have what you want. If you want to involve wider family circle then have a party afterwards sure.
  • Remember it's YOUR wedding and you need to do whatever will make you happy. I think no matter what kind of wedding you plan, someone will get upset over something anyway! If I wasn't invited to a relative/friend's wedding because they wanted it to be really small and intimate, I would absolutely respect that. Everyone should have the wedding that they want, don't put anyone else's opinions above yours and your partners. No one should be making decisions on your day other than you two. 

    Good luck whatever you decide to do!
  • P.s. I also want to walk down the aisle with my FH. He isn't keen on the idea but I'm hoping he'll change his mind over the next year or so!
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