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Food Timings!

Hi there
So basically my wedding is a little bit backwards, because of the time our first lot of food has to be served.
So timings as follows

12pm ceremony 
1pm wedding breakfast
2.30 speeches 
3pm drinks reception and photos
6pm evening guests arrive (is this ok timings? )
7pm first dance 

Is 7.30 ok to have evening food, is this too early? But we've eaten early?

I want long for party afterwards but dont want people to then get hungry at around 10? 


  • Laura GraceLaura Grace Posts: 334 New bride
    Hi Jessica, 
    I would say that evening guests don't really need to arrive until around 6.30/7 for a 7.30/7.45ish first dance.  Food typically doesn't get served until a fair bit later 8.30/9ish at the earliest really, then they won't get hungry again later.  These are just from what I've seen, but it's your wedding, have it when you want :) x
  • Have the venue told you to only have an hour between the ceremony and the food? Assuming your ceremony is around half an hour it sounds a bit rushed to me. Most of the weddings I've been to have had at least one and a half hours between ceremony start time and the meal.
  • Ignore me, I didn't read it properly! I thought you'd be trying to fit photos into half an hour then rushing in to the meal at 1!

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