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Help for wedding planning on a budget

Could anyone help with planning a wedding on a budget (in and around the Sittingbourne, Kent area)?
I've recently looked at so many different venues/options and I'm really struggling to find a venue where we could have the wedding and reception that isn't going to cost a fortune.
Ideally I'm trying to keep the budget to around £5000 (this is for the wedding ceremony, reception, catering/drinks, flowers, possibly a photographer, although we may have a friend who could take the photos).
I've also started looking at other options, like getting married in a church and then having the reception elsewhere, or even getting married in the registry office and then have the reception elsewhere. 
Any help/suggestions would be hugely appreciated. 
Many thanks


  • How many guests do you have? It has a huge impact on cost because a big chunk of the budget is catering and drinks.
  • While the bulk of our work is for people planning a big day there is nothing to say "This is how a wedding day must go". Why not have a simple registry office wedding and then down to your local pub or even hire out your fav restaurant for the day? 
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