Photographer change of heart...?

Hello all! Sorry this is a bit of a long rant but I’m getting cold feet about my photographer and I’m kind of losing faith and trust in them and not too sure whether to cut my losses and find a new one....? Advice would be greatly appreciated :)

Bit of context, I met this photographer at a wedding fayre and my fiancé and I really got on well with them and felt that they would be great for our day. A few months pass and we finally book our venue so I get in touch. Took about two weeks to respond to my email which is a bit annoying but I thought it’s still wedding season so they’re probably busy (this is August last year). Finally they reply, we have a lovely phone call, all seems well and we eventually book them for our wedding day from 10am to midnight and an engagement photo shoot. We arranged for this shoot to happen in April on a weekday so it shouldn’t be a big inconvenience for them and we chose the day we had our first date so this date meant something to us.

The week before the photo shoot I emailed to check all was well etc and they said yes. Day of the shoot I get up bright and early and get my hair and make up done as a treat (and so I didn’t get stressed about it haha). I was getting a bit concerned that they hadn’t text me to say they were on their way so I sent a text asking if they needed us to pick them up from the train station or something and to let us know when they think they’ll arrive (they were travelling an hours train journey to us). Then later I checked my emails and that morning they emailed to say they couldn’t do the photoshoot and can we reschedule for June. I wasn’t too upset, just wish I’d known even the day before as I took a days holiday for it. Basically they had done something to their ankle and they wanted to rest it properly before a wedding they were doing at the weekend (this was a Tuesday). Obviously if they’re injured they have every right to cancel but again giving me a heads up would have been nice :/

Heard nothing since that day. Then I emailed at the start of July asking whether we can schedule a new date. Heard nothing. Text a week later and luckily they replied and asked when was good for me, I replied pretty much instantly with weekday dates in September (again so it’s not in the busy season). It’s been nearly two weeks since I sent that text and I’ve heard nothing...

I’m guessing that they’re probably busy with it being wedding season and it’s just them and their assistant but I’m kind of tired of constantly chasing them and I’m losing faith that they’ll actually do the job when the time comes. Am I being totally unreasonable here? Is it normal to have to chase for stuff like this? Don’t know if I’m being a bit of a bridezilla or not :/ 

Any advice would be great- thank you :)


  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 460 New bride
    I think their current brides will be their priority, as you would expect to be when its your turn. I also think that we expect instant communication too much these days. Maybe call them rather than text or email. If they let you down again then talk to them about it, see how they react. Read your contact as you may well be liable for the full amount in cases of cancellation. 
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 206 New bride
    I would be feeling anxious about this too. So far with all the suppliers I've booked, if someone takes more than about 2-3 working days to get back to me then I've ruled them out as a potential supplier because I just can't cope with hanging about waiting for a response.

    Some people are just really bad at responding to messages though and your photographer may just be one of these people. I agree with Samantha's suggestion of giving them a call as they may respond better to that. If you're still not getting anywhere after calling it might be worthwhile just cutting your losses but definitely check your contract first! 

    Good luck! 
  • Red_LHRed_LH Posts: 21 New bride
    I personally would feel the same in your position, you do have a contract but at the same time they have let you down and allowed you to incur costs. I think you may have some room to argue that you don't think on this occasion it has worked out and that you'd like to go your separate ways and have your deposit refunded. 

    I would write them out a long email with all your concerns in and ask that they call you to try and find a way forward. If this is ignored the, I would argue that you incurred costs etc and that you want your deposit back.  I don't think any good supplier would want you to cancel and go away disappointed because its not good for business. 
  • I agree with the OP. The communication was very poor and it does not seem engaging at all. I would feel uncomfortable around these guys and cancel as being let down.
  • Such a tough one because yes they could be busy, but that doesn't excuse poor customer service.  Yes cancelling a pre shoot isn't as bad as cancelling a wedding but a bride is a bride, whenever she may be getting married.  Customers shouldn't be any more or less of a priority unless it is actually their wedding day.

    For me, it would boil down to how apologetic they were about letting you down because of the injury thing.  That is appalling to cancel on the day so I really would have expected them to bend over backwards to put it right.  Sadly it seems they haven't.

    Perhaps give them one more chance.  Either email them (you then have documented proof of when you have contacted them if they don't respond) and state that you are concerned by their lack of communication, or give them a call but get a date in the diary.  Any more messing around and I'd be out (with or without my deposit) as it's just not worth chancing.

    Just a note with regards to contracts.  Generally deposits are non refundable, but if you can show that they haven't done any work towards your wedding yet (i.e. you haven't benefitted from your pre-shoot etc) then they would have to justify why they intend to keep it, should you take them to court.  Also, with regards to full payment due, if you were to argue this in court, you would almost certainly win, as the contract would be deemed unfair.  Unfortunately people often just pay it as they think that the contract is water-tight when it isn't.

    Good luck, such a shame they've put in such a crappy situation x 
  • My photographer is really great with communication, the longest its every taken for them to get back to me was two days and that was because they were working a wedding! As someone as said previously, we all expect instant communication nowadays which can be a little unfair on our vendors, especially when they are busy, but if its taking that long for the photographer to reply to even a simple text that would be sending my anxiety through the roof! If i were you i would email them and be honest, don't accuse them of poor communication or ignoring you etc because they will get defensive! Just say your a little worried about how long it takes to receive a reply and want to make sure that everyone is on the same page. If your worried about potential confrontation, you could possibly track down a bride who has used this photographer instead, and see if communication was the same for them? Good luck! :smile:
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