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How much time do you REALLY need off work before the wedding?

how long are you all taking off work before your wedding? 

we get married on a Saturday and i always pictured having the week prior off work. however, weve now booked our honey moon for 2 weeks leaving the weds after the wedding. what with flight times we will need 3 weeks! off just for that. 

I dont want to take the mick at work, but obviously will prioritise my wedding, im just wondering how much is there to actually do the week leading up to the wedding. pick up dress, nails etc? 

anyone got experience of how busy it can get?


  • Abby40Abby40 Posts: 24 New bride
    I've also wondered this! I'm going to monitor this thread with curiosity :smile:
  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,486 New bride
    We both finished on the Tuesday before the wedding, so had Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  Any more and we would have had far too much time.  We then took another full week off after the wedding for the minimoon, and 3 weeks off 6 months later for the real honeymoon.  
  • MrsPB2019MrsPB2019 Posts: 832 New bride
    I think it really depends how much DIY there is to your wedding. I got married on a Saturday and was off from the Wednesday but I didn’t feel too busy. I think hubby was doing more of the manic running around whilst I was entertaining his parents haha.
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
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    I'm finishing on Tuesday and get married on Sunday so will have 4 days...BUT I am doing my own flowers so that will take a full day, and I have a 3 year old so everything takes longer. If you are using a florist I would have thought 1 or 2 days would be fine, depending on if you are setting up yourself, and how many beauty appointments you are likely to have.
    My itinerary is:
    Wednesday - box up decorations for venue. Clean house.
    Thursday - flowers being delivered - remove leaves, strip thorns and condition overnight. Tidy up garden.
    Friday - arrange flowers
    Saturday morning - eyebrow wax and nail appointment, collect cake
    Saturday afternoon - drop all decorations at venue
    Saturday night - fiance staying in hotel with his family and they are going out for a meal. My mum and 2 bridesmaids are coming round for a takeaway as my son will be in bed.
    Sunday morning - fiance to collect doughnuts from Krispy Kreme and take to venue with him.
    Sunday afternoon - get married!

    The thing to remember is that the more suppliers you book, the more you will have to coordinate!
  • This is great info so far! Thanks ladies.

    Were not getting married until Sept 2020 so I know I'm already overthinking this!

    My wedding is near enough zero DIY as much as I would have loved it to be, I just dont have the skills or creativity!!

    Wherever possible im using the venues recommended suppliers so im hoping this will make things more straightforward as they are used to working together and will communicate without involving me (I imagine!)

    I guess i will need 1 day for beauty bits, 1 day to clean the house and maybe a third day to do anything i haven't had time for or just to chill and take it all in.

    Does anyone else feel like its too long to wait and like you're running out of time all at the same time! haha
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 947 New bride
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    Monday-Friday off before our Saturday wedding, but I was doing my own flowers, coordinating the making of the cake, DIY table-plan and decorations, driving around for tablecloths, etc., plus decorating the hall, so I thought I'd need it! Plus of course getting my nails done. I didn't even do anything on the Monday but relax, and we still managed to get it all done on time! I suppose it depend how much you need to do and how organised you are.
  • I think you're right, which is probably why im over thinking it as who knows how much time i'll need until i get to it!

    I think ill just speak to my manager and maybe book more to be on the safe side with the option to cancel a couple of days if i dont need it closer to the time. Ive read that you should take more time than you think you need but without doing much DIY i really think 2-3 days should be enough, although of course Mother disagrees! haha
  • MrsGB2015MrsGB2015 Posts: 3,891 New bride
    As others have said it depends how much DIY you are doing and how organised you are.

    I got married on a Saturday and was only off the Friday before - I did things like leg wax on the Thursday after work as they opened late and nails on the Friday morning then headed to the venue in the afternoon.

    That being said I had little to no DIY really so didn't really need loads of time prior to the day.
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  • I'm getting married on a Wednesday and I'm having the Tuesday off........ after reading everyone else's comments I'm wondering if I'm missing a trick here haha XD
  • I'm getting married on a sunday and was planning the thursday and friday, and potentially the wednesday purely because i will take any excuse to take a day off haha. 
  • I’m getting married on the Sunday before Christmas. If I’d been in full time teaching (as I’d hoped) I would have been working full time up to the Friday before,
    although there’s a chance I could have begged that last day off unpaid! However I was on a maternity contract that has now come to an end (but hopefully will be starting back at that school in Jan fingers crossed) so I will be back on supply teaching in the run up to the wedding and can therefore decide myself which days I am available to work. 

    I’ll be honest I was really panicking about working right up to the Friday but I can’t really see needing a full week either! 
  • It depends on a lot of factors like how far away it is, how DIY it is, how many there are in bridal party, kids etc. I had a half day Tuesday and we got married Thursday
  • MrsD2019MrsD2019 Posts: 15 New bride
    I finished on the Monday and got married on the Saturday.

    Originally I didn’t think there was anything to do on the Tuesday (the rest of the week was booked with various beauty and hair appointments), but I don’t remember being bored. We did our own table plan board, favours (jars of sweets which took a while for our 120 guests) and some table centrepieces. That probably took a day or so during that time. I also spent an afternoon getting my dress refitted (it was too big 😃). There were quite a few odd jobs that do mount up, I was glad to have had a bit longer.

    Our wedding was only last month, but already seems such a long time ago. It all goes so quickly 
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