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Catholic wedding without mass, readings, hymens etc

Hi guys. 

We are getting married on the 21st September 2019, not long now!! 

My family are Catholic but my hubby to be is non religious. We decided on a Catholic ceremony and have  had our Marriage preparation lessons. 

 We are now at the planning stage of the service. We are not having mass and want to try and keep the ceremony as simple (and short ) as possible. 

Does anyone know, how many readings and hymens we should have and do the readings have to be religious? 
Also how many prayers are we expected to have? 

We are meeting our priest to discuss this in couple of weeks, but I would like to have some idea first. 

If anyone can give me some advice, i would really appreciate it. 

Mary x  


  • RoseyGoldRoseyGold Posts: 164 New bride
    We're having a catholic wedding as FH is catholic. 
    We were told 3 hymns, 1 reading,  bidding Prayers and a gospel reading which the priest will do.
    All needed to be from a set list except the bidding Prayers. 
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