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I wondered what everyone is doing the night before their wedding. I am going round in circles trying to decide what to do at the moment so could do with some ideas. What has everyone else got planned?

Thank you! x


  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,949 New bride
    My partner is going out for a meal with his family and best man then they are all staying at a hotel.
    I will have my son at home in bed so my mum and 2 bridesmaids are coming round and we are going to get Wagamama delivered and have a glass of wine - they aren't staying, they'll come back in the morning as I will need an early night!
  • MrsPope2018MrsPope2018 Posts: 1,342 New bride
    I stayed at the hotel we got married in with my bridesmaids and parents and any family that were travelling down and staying the night before. We all had a meal together then I went back to my room had a long bubble bath and an early night. 
    My husband stayed at home and had his best man and ushers round for pizza and a few beers and then the best man stayed overnight at our house. 
  • Stay as close to the venue as possible. Ideally at your venue. Nothing worse than having to plan travel on your wedding day and then factoring in all the things that could go wrong from point A to B.

    Aim for 5 mins travel time or less. So often people stay 30+ minutes away and on your wedding day you WILL run late. In 12 years around 80% of brides are late to their wedding. Even if they stay on site. Everyone just underestimates how long it takes to get ready and never factor in the people who said they didnt want hair or makeup and then say at the last second "Could you just..."
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  • Our venue is a country house that we have for the whole weekend, so we are planning on having an informal supper and drinks on the Friday evening with friends and family that have traveled there on the Friday.

    The Friday is actually a bank holiday, so there could be a good turnout for this, and it will likely be the first time that out parents have met (eek!). Think we are planning on spending the night apart, but in reality it will just mean that that my other half is in a different bedroom. It also has the advantage that we don't need to think about transport logistics on the wedding day itself.
  • Ruth126Ruth126 Posts: 38 New bride
    We had the wedding rehearsal then me and my family got takeaway pizza from our favourite little Italian restaurant and took it to the airbnb they were staying in. I got a taxi back to our flat (had an argument with the driver as she insisted I pay the fare upfront which has never happened before and was annoying, but then I thought I didn’t really care!) which is opposite the church we got married in. My husband went for a meal in the pub his family were staying in then went back to stay at his best man’s flat in north London. They got the Overground then bus to the church the next morning in their suits (got some good reactions on the train and met some of our guests on the bus with some nice pictures) whilst I got ready at the flat. 
    All to say do what suits you and also what will keep you calm but don’t stress about it having to be perfect in some way as it will be a happy and special time anyway and the next day is the most important bit. 
    And I was 15 mins late despite living across the road from the church. The vicar had told me he’d kill me if I was late - he was quite chilled when I got there though - and in the end my dad was relaxed when he also really really hates being late and I was the one stressing (I’m normally too laid back and late for everything). My husband did say he had been wondering what it would be like to go back to his single life as he’d started to think I might not turn up. Tip - make sure any teenage bridesmaids are given some sort of instructions on timings especially when they are doing their own hair and make up 😁.
    Hope you enjoy whatever you do. X 
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