Colour help please!

Hi everyone ! 
Congratulations to you all. I am recently engaged and have a long engagement planned but like to be super organised. I love the colour theme of a really dark green and blush pink with hints of gold. Both my bridesmaids are fair and I think the pink may wash them out. I wanted to give them the choice to wear the darker green but then if my groom wears it or accents of it along with his best man, I fear it will look too much in an august wedding even with pink bouquets to balance it out. I want my bridesmaids to be happy but can't picture it in photos... 
Any suggestions...  
Thanks so much !

 Look at this... 


  • If your bridesmaids are fair, how about nude coloured or sage green dresses. These would suit the season and both look lovely alongside your colour theme x
  • I like the idea of the dark green but perhaps go for a shade like emerald green.  As for your other colours of blush pink and gold - swap them over.  Make the gold your complimentary colour and the blush pink the accent. 
    If your groom has a few accents of emerald green, it will look fine; i.e tie and handkerchief.  Have your bridesmaids tried on any emerald green dresses?  Once they try on that colour and you all can see how it looks, you will have a better idea and can move forward.
    Good luck! :)
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