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We are not having a traditional formal wedding and there won’t be a bridal party, especially since our guest list is small (25-30 guests). We aren’t doing any fancy guest favours, just something little that doubles up as a place name. Do we have to give our parents thank you gifts? We obviously want to show them our appreciation and love, but is that too formal to gift them something at the table? 

If we do need to consider a gift each, what can it be? 



  • Someone out there must have some suggestions, surely🤞 A personalised brooch for mums and something different for dads? Plant that can grow and remind them of our wedding day (but then plants can also die🤔). 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Do your mums like and wear brooches? You know them, so you know what they will like. My dad for example hates sport and doesn't drink or smoke, so the usual suggestions of hip flasks etc you get on these threads wouldn't help.
    We bought FIL a pocket watch, ny dad an engraved hammer, and mums got a photo frame, candle, necklace and flowers.
  • I think you would usually only give your parents a gift if they contribute to the wedding  - either financially or helping with the planning/DIY. It doesn't have to be on the day in front of everyone, I think we'll give ours privately.
    Like @MrsCToBee said, you know best what they will like. I know, for example, that FH's mum really wants to go to a fine dining restaurant for a tasting menu & nice wine. There are a couple of local restaurants that fit the bill so I think we'll get his parents a voucher or take them for a meal to one of them.
  • It depends how much you want to spend but I think an experience is a nice gift, e.g. taking them for a nice meal, a voucher for a night in a lovely spa hotel, theatre tickets, if they're crafty something like a pottery course. 

    If you want something smaller, a framed family photo, a special hardcover version of their favourite book, a nice print of the venue/town your wedding is in, a special bottle of wine/whatever spirit they drink, a hamper if they're foodies?
  • My Mum will definitely help with planning, not so sure about his parents, but won’t want to leave them out. I think an experience like a meal would be nice for partner’s parents, but mine don’t really like going out. The only reason I thought of brooches was as a keepsake rather than something they would wear (and risk losing). I have made mini food hampers for Christmas before and wanted something a bit more special, without spending too much.

    My dad is like yours MrsCToBe, he doesn’t drink or smoke and isn’t into sports. Not into DIY either, otherwise engraving a tool would have been great🤦🏻‍♀️ He is into books, so maybe something to do with that. 

    Mum doesn’t like candles or frames sitting collecting dust, and has a necklace she doesn’t take off, so not sure what sentimental gift to give her. 
  • We got our parents these roses to plant in the garden which they liked:

    Dad's we got personalised cufflinks, Mum's each got a piece of pandora jewellery (Mum a charm and MIL earrings). We also got them an IOU frame for a wedding photo
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