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Wedding dress for £100 or less?


I don’t want to spend more than £100 on a dress I will only wear once. I feel put off by second-hand and sample dresses due to having someone else’s BO, sweat, perfume, potentially smoke smells etc. on them, and I am not convinced that a cold wash with no/low spin will make the dress anymore hygienic. Unless there is a way to make it feel nice to wear?

 I have found loads of good reviews from years ago about Chinese sellers Milly Bridal, Gianiar Bridal and Landy Bridal (Asapbay). I can only find Milly Bridal website, and their dresses under £100 are so plain. What happened to the rest of these sellers? 

JJ’s House looks alright and Chi Chi London dresses are too plain for my liking (bottom halves anyway). Any other suggestions?

I need to be able to wear a bra, at least with clear straps, for support, so can’t be in a strapless or sheer-sleeved gown. 



  • It is possible but you will need to be looking at second hand. But don't fear as second hand shops will often have them dry cleaned. Our own dress was second hand and was just perfect.

    Avoid the cheap chinese imports. We have heared nothing but horror stories from brides and also bridal shops where people bring in these polyester dresses and ask for them to be made to fit properly. The material is often so cheap and pooly put together is like trying to resize wet paper. 

    Trust pilot reviews of JJ's house seem to back this up as well

    Whatever you opt for you will need it to be altered to avoid any gaping or other ill fitting issues.
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  • I know some high street shops do wedding dresses now. Topshop, ASOS, Dorothy Perkins, H&M etc. 
  • Thanks both. I think I will go with Ever Pretty on Amazon - £40 dresses and free returns. Their wedding dresses, just like all the high street ones, are plain, but with a beaded/sequinned belt I could see myself liking them more. I have always wanted a ruched skirt, maybe gathered up all over or in one place, but there are none in my budget, so I’ll have to compromise, I guess. 
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