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To Tan or Not To Tan?

I have never before had a spray tan or sun bed and I'm generally not interested in it, however i am your typical 'pastey brit' and after taking photos of myself in my very very white wedding dress, in the photos my skin appears quite pink in contrast! so I'm thinking of getting a nice subtle tan for the wedding. Is there anyone like me who did this for the first time for their wedding? I don't want to go get a spray tan and realise its way too much! or are there any at home products anyone would recommend? tia!


  • I think I'll be using a sunbed for my wedding as I'm very pale! I don't really want to as I know they're not good for your skin but it's not something I'll make a habit of. I think I'll trial it for my hen do so I know how many minutes I'll need to get just a light tan.

    I thought about spray tan but I'm too worried it will be too dark or will sweat off onto my dress! I've tried gradual tanners but always end up with streaks, I'm useless!
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    I'm very pale, I used Dove gradual tan body lotion but it didn't really give me a tan - I'm pretty happy being pale anyway though.
  • Have you got time before the wedding to try a spray tan and see how you feel? That’s what I’m going to do. I’m really pale and would have been happy without but I get married in November, my dress is Bardot style and I’ve managed to get some dodgy tan lines over summer which I’m hoping a spray tan will make less obvious! I’ve used gradual tans before but always ended up a bit streaky - I think if you take care applying and exfoliate and moisturise regularly that wouldn’t happen, I’m just too slapdash!
  • i used to use fake tan a lot but it was just for nights out so i didnt really care if it was streaky, it was always too dark to tell :Dim probably going to use some sunbeds a bit before, also because i have quite a lot of freckles and i dont want them covered up by tan, i want to be able to wear them with pride.

    I have used sunbeds before when i was my friends MOH and it did make a difference. i didnt when i was MOH last year and in many of he photos my legs are so pale it looks like im wearing white tights!
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 309 New bride
    I'm also a pasty-white brit that doesn't do fake tan or sunbeds, it's just not me. I'm not planning on changing who I am on my wedding day so I'll be my usual pasty-white. Embrace who you are! :smile:
  • I'm also super pale and had a trial spray tan a few weeks before my wedding, it looked awful! It wasnt streaky or anything but even though I asked for a really light one the tone just did not suit me at all, it looked way to fake and obvious and i felt really uncomfortable with it. 
    I ended up just using a little of the st Moritz fast development tan which I've used a few times before. It's very subtle and probably didnt make that much of a difference, I only really had my arms on show and I dont look at my pictures and think I look pale at all! 
    Definitely have a couple of trials if you do go for a spray tan
  • I used teh st tropez in shower tan to build up a nice colour. I'm naturally quite pale and husband is not so wanted something to take the edge off in my white dress! 
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  • i would be so terrified that the fake tan would turn out looking dreadful that i'm just not going to risk it. If I could it would be sunbeds for me!
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    I would suggest having a trial spray tan and see how it makes you feel/ look - you may not like how it looks on your skin. Also speak to the person doing it before hand as they can/should be able to adjust the intensity of the colour. If your wedding is on a Saturday then get it done on the Thursday evening (wear black pj's to bed to save your sheets), then Friday morning shower off the 'top layer' don't scrub too hard either - remember to moisturise all over as fake tan tends to clog your skin so it can feel dry. Then by the Saturday morning when you shower again it should be a more subtle colour. Be sure to prep your skin in the week run up to getting one done as well Exfoliation is key to getting a lovely colour especially on the elbows and knees! 
    The problems you have with self tanner at home is the hard to reach places and the issues with streaking for my wedding I'll be staying away from them. They don't tend to last as well as a spray tan.  
    Personally I will be using sunbeds in the run up to my wedding but again it's personal preference. 
  • Thank you all for your suggestions, you've all been very helpful! :smile:
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