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Venue Cancelled Wedding - Any Other Tally Ho Hotel Brides

After 12 years together we finally got engaged on Christmas Day last year.  We hadn’t planned on waiting so long but we’d had an unexpected death and then caring duties which engulfed us so a wedding was very much on the back burner.  We went to an open day in March at the Tally Ho Hotel, Arncott, near Bicester and loved the venue.  I’d always wanted a barn and my partner wanted the practicality of a hotel as we have a lot of people travelling a long distance and the venue gave us both.  A small hotel with a very rustic feel and barn like function room.  We were due to go to another open day in October so I could take my mum, who has dementia, to see the venue all set up again.  On Tuesday I received an email from someone I’d never heard of informing me that she was the owner and my wedding was cancelled as they’d sold the business to a religious group who were going to turn it in to a religious training centre!  No personal call just a very brief email,  I emailed her back immediately outlining how unhappy I was but I just received a curt reply.  They live in Spain so they’re not dealing with the fall out face to face with anyone, staff or customers.  In fact the first some staff heard that they were losing their jobs was when the first phone call was made from a distressed bride about her cancelled wedding!! Can you believe that?

As you can imagine I am beyond furious for many reasons.  I think it’s disgusting the way they have treated everyone plus as we were due to get married next July, we’d booked all of our suppliers and paid deposits.  Luckily the really personal things that I wanted to keep hold of like the cake maker, make up artist and florist are all able to change to our new date.  However we’ve lost our deposits and the services of our photographer and videographer so we have to start the search all over again.  We also lost the deposit to Oxfordshire Registrars who we’d had to engage to conduct the wedding as we live in Bucks and the venue was in Oxon.  We’d also paid the intent to marry fee to Bucks but it will expire before our new wedding date so we’ll have to pay that again, about £800 in total.  Thankfully we have wedding insurance and should get most of our money back although the agent was trying to tell me that if we save £100 on the cost of the new package they’ll claw that back from our claim which I don’t really understand.  We’ve lost £550 in deposits for the phots/video, I don’t see the relevance of whether the new venue costs us £500 or £50,000, that money is still lost but hey ho.

This has caused no end of problems for us, one of which is my partner is totally incapable of making a decision.  It took months to pin him down to viewing venues and get him to make a decision on what he wanted.  He’s Italian and I hate to say it but he is a bit of a drama queen and makes everything very very stressful and unncecessarily complicated.  I’m trying to get him to agree to a new photographer and videographer and he’s complaining about the price of the photographer and won’t commit.  The original photographer offered a very good package and I’d struggle to find anyone who can match that.  I’ve seen two others who are £250 and £500 more than the original but we will be saving on the video as the new guy is reasonably priced compared to the original, so to me it’s swings and roundabouts.  He’s banging on about the costs of the photos and we’ve got no children to pass them on to etc etc.  I’ve found a compromise of a photographer who stores your photos in the cloud and we can download, print or have a photo book made ourselves when we’re ready if we don’t fancy spending £650 on a photo album which we don’t but he’s having non of it. He’s so stressed out with the whole thing that he doesn’t even want to talk about until we come back from holiday in three weeks!

Sorry for the long rant but it’s been horrendous.  Any other Tally Ho brides out there?


  • Sounds like an absolute nightmare i'm so sorry you're having to deal with it all! 

    It's definitely worth getting insurance now, just to help out in case things like this happen again in the future. 
  • I would definitely recommend to anyone planning a wedding that they invest in wedding insurance.  For the sake of a £100 we should potentially be covered for the majority of our losses less the excess which is only fifty quid. 

    On a a happier note, we’ve received some good news.  Our new venue has offered a fantastic deal by matching our previous package and adding complimentary two night stay in the honeymoon suite and two complimentary double bedrooms for two nights.  A lovely photographer has also offered us twenty five per cent off their price which brings them down to the cost of our original photographer.  I’m really grateful for this plus I’d wanted to book them the first time around but they weren’t free so it’s a win win.  I think once we return from holiday we’ll be used to the idea and will start looking forward to the new date and venue.
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