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Too many kids!!

Our guest list currently has 19 kids, ages range from 2 - 15. We have our own daughter who will be 7 by the time we get married. Between me and my fiancée we have 9 nieces/nephews, 4 of which will be in the wedding party. The remaining children are of fiends and children on the wedding party.
Also to mention, our wedding will be in Italy.
Our dilemma is, do we just have our daughter and nieces/nephews? 
Is it rude of us not to invite our friends children as the wedding will be in a different county and they will have to leave them in the UK?
I never wanted a wedding full of children! 
Majority of the children are well behaved but I worry having that many will just be absolute mayhem and ruin the experience for us.
what do I do!? 


  • annipooannipoo Posts: 313 New bride
    We're not inviting the children of our friends and I don't feel even slightly bad about it.

    Our guest list is quite small (48 adults including us) so we would be overwhelmed if everyone brought their children. We are inviting family children so we will have our son and my fiancé's second cousin and we have given the best man the option to bring his kids but only because he's travelling from Dubai specifically for our wedding!

    Our invites won't go out until next spring so this may be a whole issue then but at least for now I don't feel bad! 
  • I think you should do absolutely whatever you actually want to do, but as its a destination wedding you may have to accept some people cant come as not everyone is able to leave their children due to varying reasons.  

    I think if you can make peace with that then stick to your guns, but it does make it harder if the rules are bent for some and then not others.
  • We’re not inviting any of our friends kids and ive made that clear right from the beginning. I had a great response from most people. They are looking forward to having a kid free night. I’ve managed to keep the kids down to just 9 between 1&11
    Future Mrs Krasniqi
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    We had a UK wedding but only invited direct nephews and nieces and our Godchildren. Some couples chose not to bring their kids anyway.  One couple couldn't get childcare so we let them bring their kids as we really wanted them there. As long as you accept people may not be able to leave their kids for long enough to travel abroad, go for it.
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