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Is it customary to 'tip' your vendors?

I've been watching a lot of wedding planners on youtube and I've noticed a lot of them talk about tipping vendors, though when I've mentioned this to family and friends they haven't heard of it? (unless someone goes particularly above and beyond). Most of the people I've been watching on youtube are american so I'm not sure if its just something they do over there and we don't here? If you are planning on tipping your vendors though, which ones would you normally tip and how much? I want to accommodate this into the budget if needs be! :smile:


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  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    I didn't tip them, just made sure to leave good reviews.
  • In the uk. No, never seen anyone get a tip. USA it’s more common
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  • I've received a tip twice out of 60+ weddings so it's definitely not common or expected here x
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 313 New bride
    My wedding venue mentions a suggested tip of £200 for the waiting/bar staff. Other than that I'll probably send the wedding co-ordinator a thank you bouquet. 
  • Thanks all, good to know I'm not going mad! I might just keep some cash in an envelope just in case anyone does go above and beyond, and if not i can then just use that money for more drinks at the bar! :wink:
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