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planning hen party :::: need help

hey girls

I am bridesmaid and only bridesmaid first time doing it. Planning hen party. so far I have got the guest list and where bride wants to do her hen party. Planning to go to air bnb its 1 hour away from where we live.Thinking about planning cocktail class and meal
I don't know what I should be charging the guests. Is there anybody I should be asking u can help plan the hen party. Like a party planner


  • Sounds like a good plan.  I think you charge guests what it will cost so you need to get the price of the air b and b, the meal, the cocktail class, maybe some food, drinks and snacks for at the air b and b, any taxis and then divide it up.  I'd put it in a spreadsheet!  Does the bride have a sister or another friend to help out and share ideas with?  
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