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Hi lovely people,

I am nearly there with my Renewal of Vows date and im beginning to stress big time.  We are holding it at The Orangery, and im thinking that we should have had our meeting with the event manager by now?  Everytime i phone, im given different information which is annoying.  I appreciate that they are busy and I still have 6 weeks, give or take a few days, but im not feeling like a 'bride', more of like a pesky mother in law who makes annoying phone calls.

Can someone please tell me how long before the date should we be meeting with the venue so that we can put things in place?

Many thanks


  • only your venue contract will be able to tell you when you should be meeting with them, every venue is different.
  • 6 weeks seems very late to leave it! I'd expect them to at least have booked you in for an appointment even if they think it's too soon.

    Our contract says nothing about meetings at all and our venue coordinator never replies to emails either. I'm not too worried atgtge moment because our wedding is a year away but if it was 6 weeks I'd be putting my foot down!
  • in our contract it says we meet 4 weeks before so i imagine 5-6 weeks before they should be ringing you to organise it as i guess they would need at least a weeks notice to arrange a meeting? i would be stressed too if i were you! keep chasing and I'm sure it will all work out :smile:
  • Have you had any meetings? We had one back in Feb 10 months before, have another one in a few weeks and a final one 2 weeks before. Has there been other communication? 
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