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Trying to decide on first dance.  Do you go for meaning as a couple or words of song?  The song total eclipse of the heart has special meaning for us but the words are not particularly first dance friendly.   Was just wondering what other people choose? 


  • We’re having ‘This Year’s Love’ by David Gray. We chose it because we both love it and it’s kind of become ‘our song’ over time. The lyrics I always think of as being about having been hurt before but having hope in a new relationship, but actually when you read them it’s clearly about a relationship that has already gone wrong several times and they’re giving it another go knowing it probably won’t work this time either! But I like my interpretation and the meaning it has for us as a couple so we’ll stick with that. 

    I’d say go with what feels right and you’ll feel comfortable dancing to. If you want Total Eclipse and it’s special to you then why not? But if you’ll feel odd having it as ‘first dance’ you can always play it second or later in the reception and still dance together to it. 
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    I agree with CavalierBride about picking what your comfortable with. If you'll feel self-conscious with Total Eclipse, go with something else, though personally I think it's fine!

    We had "Ice and Snow" by Carbon Leaf for our first dance followed by "Hooked on a Feeling" by Blue Swede. Hooked on a Feeling is definitely more "our song" but we wanted something slower and more romantic for the actual first dance so we just picked something we liked the sound of.
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    We went for the words. We have completely different taste in music and don't have a song that particularly means anything to us as a couple. My husband mainly listens to music that has no words anyway! We chose a couple of songs each for the ceremony and for the first dance we had You're My Best Friend by Queen.
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    I'm having the exact same dilemma so afraid I'm not going to be much help! "Our" song is Dire Straits - Romeo and Juliet, which sounds as though it would be really romantic but is actually about lost love and there are some questionable lyrics. But we love the song so much, and when I hear the intro it gives me goosebumps every single time. Plus there are some lines in it that taken on their own are really relevant to us - even the line 'you and me babe, how about it' is similar to the wording J used when he first asked me out. There's plenty of other more first dance appropriate songs that we love, so wondering if we should just go with one of those, but none mean quite as much to both of us as R&J.
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    As soon as I posted that, I had an idea. If you went with Total Eclipse (which I do think would be epic by the way), you could always do what I've seen a couple of people mention and have some background info printed somewhere (back of menus or something) that briefly explains the meaning behind some of the music you've chosen, or other elements of your wedding, like why you've chosen particular favours, or flowers or whatever. I think this is a sweet idea anyway, as so many of the carefully chosen things about your wedding could just pass people by on the day otherwise, but it might help Total Eclipse not feel odd as a first dance if you know everyone knows why you've chosen it...
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